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Your cold hands will thank you for sewing this easy ice pop holder. A simple sewing tutorial is all you need to create this handy and useful summer fabric project.
Supplies and Tools:
● Fabric Scraps
- I used one piece of flannel and one of a cotton
Brother Sewing machine
● Pinking Shears scissors
My daughter loves freezer pops, but they always make her tiny hands super cold. I’ve been wanting to sew simple holders for her, so that she won’t keep grabbing paper towels to wrap around her cold ice pops. This easy freezer pop holder sewing tutorial is the perfect summer project because it sews up quickly and gets used every day.

1. Cut fabric to size. I used a scrap of flannel fabric and a scrap of cotton fabric. I like to use a flannel or similar for the inside layer to absorb the condensation from the freezer pop. Cut one layer of each 4” x 6” for each holder you want to sew.
2. Place the two rectangles of fabric together, lining up the edges and placing the wrong sides of the fabric together.
3. I assembled all the holders like this before moving to sew them together.
4. Fold the rectangle in half so the longer sides are now together and the flannel is sandwiched in the middle. Pin or clip to hold in place.
5. Sew down one long side and across the bottom short side with a straight stitch.
6. Make sure to leave a small gap on the top edge when sewing the long side. We will need to trim the fabric, so leave some fabric above the stitches.
7. Repeat with each of the holders you want to sew. This is a quick and easy project and you can sew up several in a short amount of time. My Brother sewing machine makes stitching all these layers of fabric so easy.
8. Now we need to finish the raw edges of this fabric so it doesn’t turn into a frayed mess with use and washing. I finished the edges with pinking shears, a simple easy finish. You could also finish the fabric edge with a serger if you wanted to as well.
9 10
9. Repeat with all the freezer pop holders you sewed and then slip your cold pops inside. Perfect for keeping hands warm and still enjoying your favorite cold treat.
10. Note: If your ice pops are an unusual size you may need to alter the width of the fabric you cut.
The size I recommended works well for standard pops.