I love the glitter of metallic thread! It’s perfect for creating projects that sparkle and shine. Here are some simple tips for sewing shimmering decorative stitches with Brother Metallic Threads:
  • Reduce the tension by approximately one whole number when stitching with metallic thread.
  • Use a specially designed size 12 metallic needle or size 12 top-stitch needle for best results on woven fabrics.
  • Stabilize fabric as needed for decorative stitching.
  • Metallic thread is thinner than regular thread. If your machine has an option for changing the density of the stitch, try setting the stitch for a higher density when stitching with metallic thread. For an alternative, shorten the stitch length slightly.
  • Sew decorative stitches at a consistent, even pace, sewing at a slow to medium speed.
  • For stitches that show only on the top side, you can use metallic in the needle and use Brother bobbin thread or Brother polyester embroidery thread in the bobbin. Choose a thread color that blends with the actual metallic color. Embroidery thread compliments the metallic thread because it is thin and strong.
  • For a reversible stitch, you can wind a bobbin with the metallic thread.
  • Satin style decorative stitches are particularly attractive when sewn with Brother metallic thread. The stitching area is larger and there is more space for the thread to shine.
  • Test all stitches on fabric scraps. Experiment with different length and width settings to vary the look of decorative stitches.
Have fun using metallic thread and spice up your projects with decorative stitching!