Brother Sews Ambassador
Neckties may have been the go-to gift for the men in your life for years, but as fashion gets more casual these days odds are that there are a ton of ties piled up in a ton of closets. Why not UpCraft them into something new? With their great colors, patterns, and textures you can easily mix those elements together to create a beautiful tapestry. And since neckties are formal, this idea allows ties to be ties but in a whole new way: By creating DIY dining room seat covers! Supplies:
  • Brother sewing machine
  • A set of dining room table chairs with the seat cushions in good condition
  • 10 neckties per chair
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Rotary cutter & straight edge
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight pins
  • A staple gun
  Get started: Select your ties. Choosing the right ties is an individual decision that can range from using ties with personal meaning to creating a beautiful tapestry of colors and patterns. You can always find free ties from family and friends looking to unload, or even buy used ties for cheap at secondhand stores or garage sales.  I like to use a coordinating color palette but mix the patterns together: Stripes, polka dots, paisleys, floral, plaid, etc.  Also note, if you don’t have enough of one color your palette can transform into a different primary color as you blend the ties together. Use your imagination to combine the colors and patterns into a cohesive look.   Making it: Deconstruct the neckties. It may seem tedious but by deconstructing each tie there is less bulk. This method also makes the fabric easier to work with.  Start by seam ripping the single stitches on the back of the tie. Pull out the liner and press the tie flat. Measure the seat of your chair to figure out the size. For this example, I will need 10 ties, cut 28 inches long and 3 inches wide. Chair before reupholster Use your rotary cutter and a straight edge on a cutting mat to cut each deconstructed tie creating equal sized strips Cut tiecut ties for project Lay the tie strips together arranging the colors and patterns for each chair cover. Lay ties together flatWith the right sides of the tie strips together, sew the long, straight edges. Sew Ties togetherSew long side of ties Once all the strips are sewn together press open the seams on the backside of the new cover. Press seams of tiesiron seams Finish the tie cover by folding the outer raw edges in twice on all four sides so the frayed edges are concealed, and then sew in place. Finishing edges Finish the chair: Use the existing seat cushion, if it’s still in good condition, and wrap the necktie cover around the cushion. Staple the center front and center back to the under side of the seat first. Being sure to pull the cover snug over the seat and staple in place all the way around the seat cushion. Completed seat coverCover seat with coverstaple cover onto seatstaple seat cover Attach the seat back on to the chair Finished seat coverfinished chair Keep your formal dining room table formal by refreshing the look of drab dining chairs with a necktie seat cover.  It’s a beautiful way to repurposed neckties into stunning chair seat covers to give your table - and ties - a new life!