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Summer may be coming to a close, but there’s still time to hit the beach and catch some fun in the sun! But before you pack your bags, make sure to sew this cute beach cover-up!! You will need:  Supplies Directions: The basic shape of this DIY beach cover-up is a large square. The folded edge will become the top neckline and the sides - with excess fabric - will drape on the body and flow when you move. Fabric First, lay the fabric right sides together to make a square and determine the length.  If you are making a tunic beach cover-up the length should land mid-thigh; so take your measurement for the length.  The square in this demo is a 38” x 38” including seam allowance. The folded edge is the neckline so measure to find the center and mark with a pin and measure 10 inches total with the pin at the center point. Mark each side of the opening.  Measure 10 inches Cut the fold between the two marks to create an opening. Then cut one layer of fabric (top layer) down the center for the neckline about 10” deep or less depending on how low you want the front opening to be. You can create a plunging neckline, V-neck, or just enough to pop your head thru. Cut Fabric From each side of the 10” width neckline cut a V-shape to open up the neckline. Finish the neckline with bias tape. Sew in place.  Attach Bias Tape Finish the remaining fabric edges with a double folded hem. Sew on Hem Finish Hem To make the arm holes of your beach cover-up, fold the fabric in half with the right sides facing out making sure the front and back of the neckline is in place; your bias finished neckline should lay flat with the top edge on the fold. Measure for Sleeves To determine where the side stitching will be, measure in from the sides and down from the top of the fold. Leave a wide opening for the arm hole about 9-10 inches and enough ease on the sides for comfort – about 8 inches or more. Measure Arms Mark the stitch lines with pins and sew the stitch lines. Mark Stitch Lines To finish, add on a small hook and eye and any other embellishments you like at the V-neck of your cover-up. Add Embellishments And you are finished with your super easy and so cute beach cover up! Now you’re ready for a vacation! Final Product
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