Ultimate New Year's Eve Sew A Long: Flowy and Fun Tulle Skirt

Brother Sews is excited to announce the ultimate in party planning, the Brother Sews Ambassador Ultimate New Year’s Eve Sew-A-Long Project! Over the next two months, you will see a different New Year’s Eve project completed by a different Brother Sews Ambassador on Stitching Sewcial. So, that brings us to here - the first NYE project! I’m so excited to be kicking off the Brother Sews Ambassadors Ultimate New Year’s Eve Sew-A-Long Project for you! You guys are in for a treat as we head to the holidays and like you, I can’t wait to see all the fantastic projects from all the Brother Sews Ambassadors! We hope you all have a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration! Today I’m showing you how to make the cutest tulle skirt (it’s pretty easy too!) for your evening out. How cute and festive is this? One more photo before we dive into sewing…

Here’s what you will need to create your own beautiful tulle skirt.

  • Six yards tulle (or glitter tulle like I used). Note: The yardage should work for most skirt sizes. For a fuller skirt, add more yards of fabric.
  • 2 yards light lining fabric
  • 3” wide glitter elastic
  • I used my Brother LB5000M
    and my Brother Simplicity Serger SB3734T
I used the tulle as is… meaning I used the full six yards for this skirt. I folded the tulle in half with the selvage edges together, but not matching. I wanted the look of layers, so my edges are about five-six inches apart. The opposite edge is the fold. I’m 5’5,” and this length works for me, you can adjust the folded layers to lengthen or shorten. Now the task is to gather those six yards to a manageable width. I suggest gathering to about five inches longer than your widest hip measurement. There are two ways in which you can gather the tulle. 1. Gather tulle on a regular sewing machine. 2. Sew near the fold edge with a long stitch all the way along the edge. 3. Remove from your machine and pull the bobbin thread. Slide the tulle along the thread to create gathers and reach the desired width. If this doesn’t work (if the thread breaks), you can try the second method. I really like this one for large amounts of tulle. 1. Gather tulle on a serger (SB3734T) 2. Tighten the thread tension and raise the differential feed number. This will create gathers as it sews. You can later adjust the gathers. 3. Sew along the folded edge of the tulle all the way across. When you finish sewing, the tulle will be gathered (but probably not enough). Find and pull one of the needle threads to create tighter gathers and shorten the width of the skirt. Remember you are wanting the width to be about five inches wider than your hip measurement. When you have gathered your skirt fully, using either method, sew up the two ends with your serger to create a circle. This seam will be the back of the skirt. Sew the tulle aside and sew the lining. I used the full two yards for my lining as I wanted it to be gathered, but not as full as the tulle. You can adjust how much fabric you use based on your measurements. Measure the length of your tulle, the lining should be about the same length as the shorter layer of tulle. Cut your lining fabric this length. Finish the raw edge you just cut with a rolled hem on your serger. Sew the two short ends of the lining together to create a circle. Gather the lining to the same width as the tulle using either gathering method described above (or one you prefer). Sew the tulle and lining together. The lining should be under the tulle, bother fabrics right side facing up. Stitch to baste the two layers together. Prepare the elastic by measuring your waist (high or low, whatever you prefer). Add 1/2 “seam allowance and cut elastic. With right sides together, sew with a ⅜” seam allowance to join short raw edges. On the back side of the elastic fold, open the seam allowance. Using a zigzag, stitch each side down to the elastic. This finishes the raw edges and gives the front side of the elastic a finished look. Quarter your fabric and waistband. Match up the quarter marks and pin. The right side of the tulle will be on the backside of the elastic. You should have about a ⅜” overlap on the back of the elastic. This will secure the fabric in place. Stretch and pin the elastic to the tulle pinning on the right side of the elastic. With the right side of the elastic and fabric facing up, use a zigzag to sew the skirt together. Stretch as you sew to keep the fabric smooth under the elastic. Also make sure the lining and tulle do not bunch as you sew. Go slow - it’s worth it!! Now you have a beautiful tulle skirt! The inside of the waistband will look like this. But the outside is amazing! Get your tulle skirt sewn and ready for all your holiday parties!