Video: Let’s Get “Crazy” with Fabric Part 2

Intro Post
This is the second post for creating you own fabric (Here is Part 1).
The first walked you through creating two of the fabrics that I used in the project. This video will walk you through the last two fabrics. The first fabric uses a bit of a different technique. The last part of the video is a review of the border technique. At the end of the video you will have four beautiful pieces of fabric to use.

Materials needed to embroider:

  • Fabrics that read as a solid
  • Tearaway stabilizer
  • Coordinating embroidery threads
  • Brother Embroidery machine with Border function. These videos are completed with the Brother Luminaire XP1,
    but the operation is similar on the machines that have the Border function.
  • 2500 Free design collection
I used specific designs in my fabrics, but I encourage you to find others that you can use for creating fabric. Have fun. I can’t wait to see your projects. I haven’t decided if mine is going to be a pillow wrap or a table runner. Maybe I will use it as both! Create something fun today. Cindy [youtube id="gTRbgmBsWDk"]