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Your favorite Disney fan will have fun keeping his room tidy with this motivational laundry bag. Just fire up your Brother embroidery machine and download Disney’s Character Alphabet
. With this kid-appealing, personalized sack, it is more likely that you will find dirty clothes sacked here instead of loose on the floor. Your youngster will recognize Toy Story’s Woody
, Pooh’s friend Eeyore
, Monsters, Inc. Sulley
and other characters for each letter
. Embroider a few garment designs on the bag as gentle reminders of its purpose. On the reverse side, add the child’s name—more characters to identify!


NOTE: The entire bag front WASH ME text and shirt design measures 8.93 x 6.69, fitting nicely in the Dream Machine’s 9x12 frame. For this project, the Disney/Pixar copyright text under each letter was included only on M, Mickey’s letter. Simply skip that part on each design if you like.
Each character in the Disney Alphabet
also will fit in the 4x4 frame. Both WASH ME and NAME can be stitched neatly by positioning each letter on a line drawn 9 ½” from the top and centered in the 24” width of white denim. Notice that the E (Eeyore)
has a tail that will hang below the line, placing the design center higher than the other letters. Take care to position that letter accordingly. Because a template of Disney designs cannot be printed, simply embroider the E on a fabric scrap, skipping the fill stitches. That scrap embroidery can be used for placement.
Embroidery designs NOTE: Collect all the designs you might possibly use. As you begin to arrange them, choose what works best and reject the others.
: Disney Character Alphabet letters for WASH ME: Garment designs: From iBroidery 4 shirts: “NO” prohibitions from iBroidery:
  • lizard #231020009
  • frog #231020010
  • “NO” was created in PE-DESIGN® with TT font Eras Light ITC size 20 mm and stitched on top of the frog and lizard embroidery
  • ¾ yards blue denim 58” wide: cut two 24” x 12” (for bag top, front and back), cut two 24” x 15” (for bag bottom, front and back)
  • ½ yd. white denim 55-60” wide: cut two 24” x 15” (for enter embroidery), 2”x 28” or width of fabric (for ties)


NOTE: Until you get to the bag casing, no seam allowances are indicated. On a laundry bag it just doesn’t matter. I’ve check and there are absolutely no legal size requirements for laundry bags. When joining piping, match piping raw edge to the denim raw edge. Piping seam allowances vary, so just go with what you have. It will probably be between ¼”-5/8”. Whatever it is, the bag is generously sized.

CENTER PANEL EMBROIDERY (white denim)--Disney Character Alphabet Embroidery

Tip: The text embroidery is best stitched on a sturdy fabric like denim.
    1. Create WASH ME design file from the Disney Character Alphabet. Add 'athletic shirt with 15' and position as shown.
    2. Hoop white denim and cutaway stabilizer in 9x12 frame. Stitch design---this is will take some time so get comfy.
    1. Trim to 24” x 10”.
    2. Hoop second piece of white denim and stabilizer. Stitch name. Unless your child is called “Al,” this, too, will take a while. All those charming details take time.


    1. Trim embroidered name piece to 24” x 10”.
    2. Stitch piping to both 10” sides of WASH ME.
    3. Pull out 1” of piping filler with tweezers from each end. Cut away. This will reduce bulk when the piping along the top is joined. TIP: Stitch across the end you are not trimming. This prevents the piping filler from pulling free from the other end. Repeat at opposite end. Ask me how I know.
    1. Stack WASH ME on top of NAME piece, right sides together. Sew along piping stitching line. Now both white denim pieces are joined with piping to the left of WASH ME and at the side seam joining the panels.
    2. Stitch piping to top and bottom of white panel. There should be one raw edge next to OLIVER.


    1. Select designs for bottom panel and print templates. Collect as many as you think you MIGHT need. When you begin arranging them, you can be more selective. TIP: To save time, paper and ink, combine as many designs as possible in one unique design file and print that template. Take care to leave the individual designs intact separately from the template design.
    1. Load designs to your machine.
    2. Cut out each printed embroidery image and pin in place to 24 x 15” bag bottom. Position designs in a random pattern within a centered rectangle 4” from each side, 4” from the bottom and 2” from the top. This placement will keep the embroidery to the front of the bag even when full of dirty little clothes. A few design images could be pinned to the blue denim bag top, just above the WASH ME embroidery. Remember that the bag will draw up when in use. Designs placed further up may get lost in the folds when the bag is closed.
    1. Insert hooped denim with pinned designs into The Dream Machine and open one design. The red shirt has been selected.
    2. Engage camera function to scan the hoop. The selected design will appear in the center of the hoop.
    1. Edit the design by rotating and then dragging into place on screen with stylus.
    1. Remove paper template then embroider that design. Repeat with each design, editing it so that on the screen it is placed on top of matching pinned template.

    1. Clean finish piped seam with Brother sidecutter, zig zag, or serger.
    2. Stitch two blue bottom panels together with embroidered piece on left. Use same seam allowance as used with piping.


    1. Clean finish both short sides and one long side of each top blue panel.
    2. Join two top blue panels with same finished edges at top (for casing). Beginning at top clean finished edge, stitch 1 ½”. Back stitch to reinforce this area which will be the opening for the casing. Continue stitching 3” from top, again reinforcing the seam line at the opening, leaving a 1 ½” unseamed area, the opening for the ties.
    3. Press this seam open.
    4. Seam top and bottom panels to center white embroidered panel.


    1. Clean finish seams above and below white panels.
    2. Stitch long sides, right sides together. As on opposite long side, beginning at bag top, stitch 1 ½”, reinforce, then continue stitching 3” from top. Once again, reinforce seam at casing opening.
    3. Seam bottom raw edges together. Clean finish that edge.
    4. Place mark on bottom seam 3 ½” from side seam. Fold corner stacking side seam directly on of bottom seam.
    5. Draw a line from side fold to side fold, perpendicular to seam.
    6. Stitch along that line.
      1. Fold along the seam line, placing the triangle point to the bottom seam allowance. Bar tack to hold it in place. Repeat this squaring off process on opposite bottom corner.
      2. Fold top edge down 1 ½” for casing. Press.
      3. Stitch lower finished edge of casing, 1/8” from finished edge.
      4. Stitch 1/8” from top fold of casing to create a header for the casing.


    1. Press 2”x 55” (or width of fabric) white denim strip in half, rendering a piece 1” x 55”.
    2. Fold raw edges to center fold line. Press. TIP: Use glass head or all metal pins to pin to ironing board. Then press.
    1. Position folded edges as shown and stitch close to double folded edge.
        1. Cut tie into two lengths, approximately 28” long. Treat raw ends with seam sealant. Allow to dry.
        2. Thread ties through casing, one in front casing, one in back.
        3. Knot ties.
        4. Present this laundry bag very enthusiastically to your child and promote it as a WONDERFULLY HELPFUL GIFT for him. Or just tell him dirty clothes better be there---or else.
  • These embroidery designs have been manufactured by Brother under a licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Company, through which Brother has permission to use Disney images. The embroidery patterns offered on iBroidery are for personal non-commercial use only. No license is granted for any commercial use of these embroidery patterns and any such use is strictly prohibited.

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