Brother Sews Ambassador
Picking a theme color for wedding décor is a great way to start the planning process. One way to incorporate your theme color is by selecting a specialty fabric to include into the wedding day details; if you are working with a professional linen company you can make accent tablecloths, runners and even create personalized napkins for the Mr & Mrs. You can also weave that fabric into DIY floral bouquets by creating a bouquet ruffle!
Supplies: Your Brother Sewing Machine
Specialty fabric – Brocade is being used in the demo Coordinating fabric – a muted Satin is being used in the demo A large circle pattern – like the circumference of a serving bowl A smaller circle pattern - like a small plate or something fits in the larger circle Fabric marking pens Scissors Straight pins
(Video at Bottom) First, lay the fabric right side up and place the large circle pattern on the fabric and trace around it Trace Large Circle Then put the small circle pattern in the center and trace around it. Trace Small Circle Cut two- one from the specialty fabric and one from the coordinating fabric.  You will need to cut out the large outer circle as well as the inner circle so you have a doughnut shape. Cut Fabric Cut two circles Lay the fabric circle pieces right sides together, pin and sew the inner and outer circles all the way around. Now you have a doughnut shape with the raw edges exposed. two circles cutout Sew Seams Clip the fabric around the inner and outer curves of the circles; be sure not to clip through the seam. Next, cut straight through the width of the doughnut so it now has two open ends. Open Ends Using a large safety pin, pin one open-end and pull through to turn the tube right side out. Lay the tube flat and press the outer edges so the specialty fabric is on one side and coordinating fabric is on the other. Turn the raw edges of the opening ends inward, press flat and top stitch closed. Ruffles Holding the tube vertically by one end creates a spiral cascading effect like a ruffle. Make a second one (or even more) to attach together to create more texture to the embellishment. Cascading Ruffles and Embellishment Attach the ruffles to the handles of the bouquet by using pins, a few hand stitches, or even a hot glue gun. Attach to bouquet Pin Into Bouquet This is a simple and beautiful embellishment for your wedding day bouquet, or it can also be a beautiful addition to the bridesmaid’s bouquets. These accent pieces also can be used as ties to hold drapery or other table linens at the reception. Final Product