We're Looking for a Brother Spokesperson

We're looking for a spokesperson who's work speaks volumes. Do you sell what you make using a Brother machine, online, at craft fairs or boutique shops? If you do, we want you to apply to possibly be a Brother spokesperson. Your role would be to help spread the word about your passion for sewing and embroidery as a small business owner, with Brother by your side. Lights, camera, action! Through March 31, 2017, you may apply to be a Brother Spokesperson at our website http://www.brothersewsforbusiness.com
. You must complete the application questions and hit ‘Submit.’ If you have met the qualifications based on the responses provided, you will receive a confirmation of submission. Brother International Corporation and its agency will review all submissions received and those top candidates will be placed into a ‘Round 2’ of the selection process. In this round, you will be contacted and asked to provide a short video of yourself (which should be no more than two minutes). In the video, we want you to show us your best on-camera presence as you talk about how you use Brother sewing/embroidery/craft machines in your business. Tell us your story!

So How Does This Work and What is the Process?

(In Legal Jargon – "The Terms and Conditions")

What are we looking for?

We are looking for those with an established business who have an attractive product that was made on a Brother sewing, embroidery and/or crafting machine. You should be well-rounded based on your knowledge, presentation, personal experience, business acumen, attitude, diversity, and capability! Above all, you should have a positive attitude. Not just anyone can be a Brother Spokesperson. We want the best of the best! That’s why choosing someone is a lengthy and time-consuming task! There is no single mold for a Brother Spokesperson. In fact, we are looking for those who range from being beginners in business to experienced entrepreneurs. We want to inspire others with your passion! Brother and its agency will then select the top finalists from ‘Round 2’ based on your video submission. If you are one of the finalists in ‘Round 2’, Brother and/or its agency will conduct an in-person interview of you (as well as your business) in a ‘Round 3’. Applicants chosen in ‘Round 3’ will be featured in a Brother testimonial campaign and may even be asked to serve as a Brother Brand Ambassador! You may be asked to sign an agreement with Brother for your services! Still have questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions
. Ready to apply to be a spokesperson? Click to apply
Having trouble applying? Email us at: [email protected]