Holiday Dress with Metallic Embroidery: Free Design

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Add some sparkle to your holiday attire with a dress that glitters with metallic machine embroidered motifs! The Brother free design for this month is a good choice for embroidering with metallic thread. Made up mostly of satin stitches, this design will glimmer both day and night and elevate your dress to one that’s worthy of a special occasion. Use the pattern shown here or a similar princess seamed pattern for best results. Be prepared for exclamations of OHHHS and AHHHS when you enter the room!


Note: The design used fits within a 4” X 4” hoop if embroidered one by one. Instructions included show you how to combine this design to stitch out more than one at a time in a larger hoop.

Materials and Supplies:


Brother Embroidery Software
- for printing a temple of a combined design to aid in placement of multiple motifs. These instructions show the design combined in PE-Design®
software with the added Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker
for positioning.

Embroidery Design:

Brother free design of the month
The focus in these instructions is on embroidering a block of fabric with designs that are continuous and connected. Depending on your machine you may have various methods available for creating a continuous series of motifs. See note in Step #5 for more information.
Note: You may require additional yardage for embroidering front section. Dress featured here is constructed from medium weight silk dupioni. Before starting, please read more tips in the ideas and options section at the end of these instructions.

Embroidering Front of Holiday Dress

  1. Cut apart all the required pattern pieces for your size. Select pattern piece for the center front section. Use the general method described below to determine the size of the oversized section you need to cut in order to embroider the front section of the dress:
  • Rotate and combine designs using PE-Design® software, add a Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker in print options and print template for your selected hoop.
  • Since sizes and patterns vary it is not possible to present a specific size for cutting this oversized section. You need to make sure you have enough fabric both lengthwise and width wise to stitch all the motifs and hoop so that the fabric and stabilizer completely fill the hoop each time. In this example for a size 10 dress it took 11 repeats with a set of two motifs placed side by side to fill the area for the center front. Using PE-Design® software the designs were rotated and combined to stitch multiple motifs in the 8-inch X 12-inch hoop. It took only four hoopings to complete each strip. Three hoopings with three combined motifs and one with two combined motifs.

Holiday Dress with Metallic Embroidery Free Design
Blue line indicates center front of pattern. Red arrows indicate each hoop section. Be sure to leave room for all seam and hem allowance.
  • When rotated, each motif measures 3.43-inches wide X 3.02-inches high. Measure for the amount of motifs you need to cover the area on your pattern add them together, and then figure an approximate size by adding several inches to both the length and the width. It’s better to have excess than run short. Printing a life size template of the design will help to figure size of the strip but you can also choose to measure the motif and compare with your pattern to determine size.
  • In this example the strip measures 13-inches wide X 44-inches long, with approximately 4-inches excess at the top and bottom of the strip. Check to make sure that motif fits within your center front section. You may find it necessary to resize your embroidery design slightly, or alter the pattern size slightly so the design fits.
  • Cut a piece of the fusible interfacing to match your strip. Fuse to the wrong side following manufacturers directions.

  1. Determine the position for the first section of embroidery by placing the pattern on the strip along with the printed template.

  1. Layer tear away stabilizer on the wrong side of fabric and hoop the first section with marker in approximate center of hoop. Please see note following step 5 for more information on stitching continuous designs. See below for embroidery steps used in this example.
Select icon to scan the template and recognize the center point of the Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker. When you use this method you do not need to hoop accurately as the machine will adjust the position and even rotate the design as necessary so it will sew out exactly the way the template is positioned
Remove template. Use camera function to scan the adjusted design and further fine tune position if desired.
  1. Begin embroidering the strip working from the top to the bottom, matching each new section of embroidery to the previous one. Use a ruler to help in positioning template to keep each new series of designs straight. Gently remove tear away and start with a new piece each time you re-hoop the fabric.
  1. When finished with embroidery, gently remove excess stabilizer and press the strip. If you are concerned about irritation from the metallic threads you can cover the piece with lightweight lining or another piece of very lightweight fusible interfacing. Cut the front pattern piece from the embroidered section.

Note: There are many ways to position and link embroidery designs, including marking and measuring the center point for each individual or group of designs, an then using the template grid included with your machine for alignment. In this example a Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker was added to the center of a combined design created using PE-Design® software. InnovEye® Technology and a scanning feature built in to select Brother models was used to precisely position each group of designs to fill the strip.Your options for stitching a series of continuous designs will vary, depending the capability of your machine. Visit the Embroidery Tutorial section of the Brothersews website
for additional information. You’ll find a tutorial on using templates for positioning embroidery
, one detailing the process for using Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marke
r technology, and a tutorial for metallic threads
  1. Cut all remaining pieces and sew the dress according to pattern instructions. When finished you will have a beautiful embroidered panel as the focal point of your new holiday dress. Enjoy!

FD Dress Final pic options Box
Options, ideas, and tips for sewing this dress:
  • To determine exact yardage for your dress, make a paper template for the required strip and use it along with all the required pattern pieces to do a trial layout. You can use a generous length of muslin or another piece of fabric with the same required fabric width. As an alternative, take the pattern pieces along when you shop for fabric and do a trial layout at the store.
  • If your fabric is washable be sure to launder it before cutting, embroidering, and sewing.
  • The dress pattern featured here has many options and tips for fitting. It is always a good idea to make a trial garment from a pattern you have not used before, especially if your fabric is costly. You can use muslin or an inexpensive but similar weight fabric for your test garment.
  • Consider using a few pattern hacks for this dress, such as moving the slit from the side front to the center back or eliminating it entirely if you desire. Create a color block dress by selecting contrast fabric for the side or front sections.
  • Featured pattern is a product of Simplicity Pattern Company Inc. Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such products.

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