Time for another Brother Sews Quick Tip! Use built in alphabet and decorative stitches from the sewing side of your machine to make a quick decoration for a baby gift. Brother Sews Quick Tip
  • Program desired lettering and stitch at each end of the ribbon using tear away stabilizer underneath. Add a row of decorative stitching to the edge of the ribbon. See Figure #1.
[caption id="attachment_14730" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Brother Sews Quick Tip Figure #1[/caption]
  • Remove excess stabilizer and press ribbon flat.
Tip: Use a little fabric spray starch to press the ribbon nice and flat.
  • Fold a 7-inch piece of ribbon to form a bow, gathering the center with basting stitches
  • Use button sewing stitch and button foot to sew a button in center of bow and attach it to main piece of ribbon. See Figure #2.
[caption id="attachment_14731" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Brother Sews Quick Tip Figure #2[/caption] Wasn't that fun and easy? Attach ribbon to a pretty package or a basket filled with gifts for a new baby! Brother Sews Quick Tip
Note: Grosgrain ribbon shown here measures 1 1/2-inches wide by 15-inches long.