Christmas Tree Inspired Table Runner

I just love Christmas! The colors, the music, the decorations… I love it all, and may go a bit overboard with my celebrations {is it too early for Christmas music?} Today I’m getting your Christmas sewing creativity going with an adorable Christmas table runner that’s easy to make with your Brother ScanNCut
and Brother Sewing machine.
Let’s get making!

Supplies needed:

  • ScanNCut DX
  • Sewing machine (I used the Brother LB5000M
  • Iron-On Fabric Appliqué Contact Sheet (2 needed)
  • Thin Fabric cutting blade
  • Table runner (or another finished runner)
  • Fabric for appliqué
  • Gold or other decorative thread for appliqué

SVG files for cutting

Fabric Prep:

Apply the iron on fabric appliqué sheet to the back of the fabric you will use for the tree, you will need one-and-one-half sheets on this fabric. Apply the other half sheet to the star fabric {small square} and the back of the tree trunk fabric. It should be fully attached to the back of the fabric when you finish ironing. Download SVG file to your ScanNCut DX machine and open just the tree to begin. Also install the thin fabric blade to your ScanNCut. Place your fabric on the mat with the backing down and cut one tree. Cut a second tree the same as the first. If your fabric has an up and down, make sure the tree is cut in the correct direction. Repeat the above steps to cut one star and two trunks. Find the middle of your table runner and place the star there. From there working on either side of the star, arrange the trees working out from the center. Leave a bit of space between each section of the tree. Use your iron to press each piece in place. The iron on backing is double sticky so it will fuse our fabrics together, keeping everything in place while we sew together. There is no need to pin or anything, all the fabric will stay in place while you sew. Because of the iron on backing we do not need to fully finish the edges of the fabric, so I chose to do decorative stitches from my machine around the edges. I used a different stitch on each part of the runner, but you can use all the same or just a regular zigzag if you want. That’s it! Super simple and easy to make a gorgeous table runner. I made a Christmas design, but obviously you could see how this would transfer to designs and holidays of all kinds. Perfect for your holiday dinner parties and entertaining.