Brother Compact Hoops for Machine Embroidery

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In the world of machine embroidery, big hoops get a lot of attention. As an embroidery enthusiast and one who embroiders on items both big and small, I’d like to tell you about some of the “baby” or compact hoops available for Brother embroidery machines. Check your accessories, one of the compact hoops shown here may have been included with your machine or may be available as an option. This accessory spotlight focuses on the following compact hoops:

Final Pics

-SA442 Brother: 1” X 2.5” Snap-on Hoop
-SA437 Brother: 1” X 2.5” Slide-on Hoop
-PRH60 Brother: 2.3” X 1.6” Snap-on Hoop for Multi-Needle machine attachment

These three hoops match the three different connections found on Brother embroidery machines. Let me describe these connections in my own words. SA442 has a pin style connection. This hoop snaps onto machines with a metal bracket accepting these pins. SA437 slides into a slot on machines that have an opening built into the embroidery arm. PRH60 slides, and then snaps into the appropriate arm on multi-needle machines.

All of these hoops have a small area for embroidery but that makes them ideal for tight areas where all you need is a small design or little lettering. Take a look at the specific embroidery areas shown in the above photo. 
In this example you’ll see how I hoop a baby onesie with this compact size hoop. I started by creating a combination design using a baby sized built-in bear design and block lettering in the smallest size on the Brother NS1750D. After centering design, preview combination in the compact hoop. See Figure #1a and Figure #1b.

Figure #1a
Fig 1a

Figure #1b


If the design is too large for this hoop, the machine would not allow preview or use of this hoop. Your machine will give a warning that the pattern is too large for the selected hoop.

Using this hoop made it easy to stitch the design close to the neckline. I marked the neckline center and hooped a baby onesie with water soluble on the top and heavy cut-away adhered to the back with spray adhesive. Turning the onesie inside out and using clips to keep fabric out of the way makes it easy to embroider this item on any style of embroidery machine. See Figure #2a and Figure #2b.

Figure #2a

Fig 2a

Figure #2b

Fig 2b

Look how perfect this “baby” hoop works for a baby garment!
Consider using this hoop for more than just baby items. This hoop can help you stitch monograms on pockets and cuffs, names and designs close to awkward edges, and more! If the design fits, give this hoop a try!

Final Pics