Gauze Baby Blanket Sewing Tutorial

-Brother Sews Blogger
Sew a beautiful gauze baby blanket with this easy sewing tutorial. Add embroidery or other embellishments to create a personalized baby gift. This gauze baby blanket is a fun and easy sewing project.

Supplies and Tools:
Brother Sewing Machine
● Serger (optional)
Brother Embroidery machine (optional)
○ Embroidery Stabilizer
○ Embroidery Thread
● 3.25 yards of Gauze fabric (or other soft fabric)
○ Find a print fabric and solid coordinates

My sister recently had her fourth daughter and wanted to create something special for this new member of our family. I’ve been seeing gauze and double gauze fabric in the stores lately and thought this kind of fabric would be perfect for this special baby gift. My niece was a special gift for me as well, because she was born on my birthday (how fun!) If you haven’t tried sewing with gauze I challenge you to make something with it soon! Today I’m going to show you how to create a special baby blanket with this amazingly soft fabric.

NOTE: if you are a perfectionist quilter I would not recommend sewing with gauze. It has some strange stretching movement and will not end up perfect. You may be frustrated if you expect it to end up like your other quilts. Be creative and expect the unexpected!

1. Gather your fabric. For this tutorial you need 1.25 yards of the main gauze fabric (this is the solid side of the blanket) You will also need .5 yards of four other gauze fabrics (these are for the striped side)

2. Cut the half yard pieces into 6” stripes. Your half yard pieces should be cut into three equal pieces.

3. If you want to add embroidery to personalize now is the time to do so. Don’t have an embroidery machine? You can add hand stitched embroidery as well to this gauze blanket.
For machine embroidery I hooped one end of a fabric strip with medium weight stabilizer. GuazeGauze is meant to have texture and wrinkles so please don’t stretch the gauze too much when putting it in the hoop.

4. I created my design using the built in fonts and machine software.

5. Embroidery your design onto one end of a gauze strip. I wanted the embroidery in the corner of my blanket. You can put your embroidery anywhere on the blanket.

6. When your design is finished, remove from the hoop and trim the stabilizer from the back of the fabric.

7. Lay your main fabric out flat and trim to square up if you need. 1.25 yards of fabric should create a 44” (ish”) square. Depending on how the fabric counter person cut your fabric you will need to trim a bit.

8. Now we will begin to build the back of the blanket. I created diagonal stripes, but you can create any stripe design you want. A single strip of fabric is not long enough to stretch corner to corner so we need to piece the strips together first.

9. Sew the short ends of two strips together. You will need to do this for two pieces of each color of fabric.

10. Press the seam allowances open on the short side of the fabric.

11. I like to lay this all out on the floor to see what I am doing. Place your center strip down the middle (the one with the embroidery) Add two other colors on either side. Make sure your strips are long enough to cover your main fabric. Pin or clip the strips together while laid out.

12. Sew the strips together on the long sides. I used my serger. You can use your sewing machine as well, but I like quick and easy and the serger also finishes the edge of the gauze.

13. I took just a small seam allowance, but trim off all the loose threads as you sew.

14. Continue to build out the strips on the diagonal back of this blanket.

15. When the full square blanket is covered you are ready to move onto the next step.

16. Press the strips to flatten the back of the blanket. Again, gauze is suppose to have texture and some wrinkles, so I focused my iron on the seams, not the middle of the strips.

17. Place the striped piece flat out with the right side of the fabric up.
18. Place the main square main piece right side down (the right sides are touching). I started with the embroidered corner. Then pin the fabrics together along the edges branching out from the corner. Smooth and stretch the fabric layers as you pin around the outside of the square. The bottom layer will extend past the edges.

19. Sew around the square. Use a ½” seam allowance and leave a 12” opening to turn the blanket.

20. Before you turn the blanket, trim the edges to get rid of the extra fabric on the back.

21. Turn the blanket right side out and press the edges of the blanket to flatten.

22. Press in the seam allowances of the opening and pin or clip that closed. Sew all the way around the edge of the blanket. I used a zig-zag stitch, but you can use any stitch you want. This is a place to add a fun stitch detail if you want.

23. Now your blanket is finished. I love this so much. The gauze is so soft and there are so many fun fabrics to use for baby blankets.

Do you know a baby who would love this blanket? Gauze blankets make great baby gifts to give to your friends and family.