One of my Sewing New Year Resolutions this year is to make more separates like coats and pants. I’ve sewn a couple coats before, but I really wanted a fun one to add to my wardrobe. My motto has always been “why sew boring clothes??” I had this idea I really wanted to recreate this fuzzy leopard coat I had back in high school. My goodness I loved that coat and the trend is back again (I’m seeing a lot of teddy, fuzzy, leopard print coats lately!). Now, sewing a coat is personal preference and is based on your style, lifestyle, and even where you live (temperature). All this will come into play when picking out your pattern and materials. Either way, I put together a post to make this process a bit easier for you! Get the details below on how to sew a (fun) coat!

Picking the Pattern

The pattern is the first thing you will want to decide on. There are many patterns to choose from so have your fun. I wanted a versatile pattern that I could use for a wool jacket to a fuzzy jacket like this Simplicity 1067. It was simple to make and has several difference lengths, styles, and materials to choose from. This is a good option if this is your first time making a coat.
Disclaimer: Featured pattern is Simplicity Pattern 1067 Misses' Easy-To-Sew Jacket or Coat. Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding this product.


Machine For this fun project, I used my Brother SE1900
Sewing and Embroidery machine. Fabric When it comes to coats, you typically want a medium to heavy weight fabric that will keep you warm! For my coat, I chose Shannon Fabrics Luxe with a Siberian tiger print. It’s a nice medium weight fabric that’s very soft and warm (two things that I wanted - bonus points for being washable too!). I also considered wool and tweed as well. The pattern you decide to use will include recommendations for fabric and how much you should get. If you’re ordering the material online, I suggest ordering a swatch first to make sure the pattern, print (scale), and feel of the fabric is ideal.
Disclaimer: Featured coat fabric is Luxe Cuddle® Print Fabric, a product of Shannon Fabrics. Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding this product.
Liner For the liner, most coat patterns will suggest a Bemberg rayon lining. The pattern I used didn’t have a liner, so I did add this.
Disclaimer: Featured coat lining is Bemberg. Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding this product.
Most patterns also use an interfacing on the collar and center front facing for additional stability. I suggest a tailor’s fusible interfacing.


Your coat will most likely use some sort of closure. It could be toggles, buttons, zipper etc. I did not use the tab closure it requires because I wanted to wear mine open, but I did make a sash to wrap around if it got chilly.


The directions for sewing a jacket are based on the pattern. Cut your pattern out and remember to mark the pattern markings. Don’t skip this step or you will regret it! Also, as you sew, remember to press those seam allowances nice and flat. A pressed-project is a professional project. If you have thicker materials like wool or even faux fur, use a heavy-duty needle like a jeans needle.
Secret: I use a jeans needle for everything!
I hope this inspires you to sew a coat this year. I’m already planning my next one!
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