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~Written by Brother Sews Blogger

With your Brother Sewing and Embroidery machine, Zootopia designs
, and some materials, you can make this knapsack for an imaginative child. It certifies a youngster’s membership in the crime-busting Zootopia PD.

In Disney’s unique metropolis, a rucksack like this would be handy for surveillance when packed with snacks and binoculars. While tracking bad guys through the woods, it could lug a compass and water bottle. Any child would love this useful accessory. It makes a bold statement about youthful commitment to truth, justice and the Zootopian way.



Simplicity Burda Pattern 6688 Simplicity Burda Pattern 6688
  • 5/8 yd pin striped denim for bag
  • 12” w x 18” l white denim for pocket
  • 2 grommets 7/16” (extra large)
  • Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine
    , I used THE Dream Machine
  • 4” x 4” OR 8” x 8” frame OR larger
  • Zootopia Designs
    : I used #05, #06 and/or #07
  • Simplicity Burda Pattern 6688
  • Thread for embroidery and construction
  • Pacesetter Medium Weight Tearaway Stabilizer SA5810
  • 3 yds. 7/8”” navy grosgrain ribbon
  • 1 yd. 3/8” gold grosgrain ribbon for pocket trim
  • 4 star buttons
  • Optional: PE Design Software
Note: Designs may be stitched one at a time in 4x4 frame or all three in 8x8 or larger frame.


Cutting out

  1. Cut two rectangles of blue pin striped denim 17” x 14.” This is larger than the pattern piece.
  2. OPTIONAL: ZOOTOPIA PD embroidery.
    1. In PE-Design, use text function to create ZOOTOPIA PD design. Font shown on knapsack is TT Lucida Bright, size 20 mm. Make certain text does not extend into marked corners.
    2. Add basting frame around text.
    3. Draw horizontal placement line 2” above and parallel to one short side. This will be the bottom of the bag.
    4. Draw vertical placement line at center.
    5. Hoop stabilizer and baste blue denim in place.
    6. Embroider ZOOTOPIA PD text.
  3. Mark placement of corner pieces along diagonal seam line.

Pocket Embroidery

  1. Draw a rectangle 8 wide x 9”long at center of white denim. Use a water soluble marker or make visible creases.
  2. Hoop stabilizer and white denim. Embroider three Zootopia characters
    within this area, positioned as shown. If designs extend a little beyond the marked boundary the pocket simply will be a little larger. If so, additional gold grosgrain yardage may be required. Do not yet cut the white denim pocket any smaller.

Cut Pocket to Size

  1. Cut ½” beyond embroidery ONLY on 2 long sides and bottom short side. Cut 2” above upper embroidery.
  2. Clean finish all 4 sides with zig zag stitch or serger

Sew Pocket to Bag Front

  1. Press top finished edge to FRONT of pocket, ½” from top of embroidery.
  2. Stitch gold grosgrain ribbon across pocket top, covering finished edge.
  3. Pin pocket to bag front with pocket bottom 3 1/4” from bag bottom.
  4. Stitch gold grosgrain ribbon across pocket bottom, covering clean finished edge and seaming pocket to bag.
  5. Stitch gold ribbon along each side, folding raw ends under.
  6. Sew star button in each corner as shown.
  7. Sew tiny star button between ZOOTOPIA and PD.

Diagonal Bottom Corners

  1. Press diagonal seam allowance of each triangular corner piece to wrong side. Place fold against marked corner line. Pin and baste in place.
  2. Stitch corner pieces in place, ¼” from folded edge.
  3. Finish all raw edges of bag front and back.
  4. Place bag front and back right sides together. Beginning at bag top, stitch 1 ½” then back stitch to reinforce. Resume stitching 3” from top, back stitching to reinforce. Continue to bag bottom.
  5. Repeat on second side. Stitch bag bottom.
  6. Turn bag right side out. Insert grommets in corners.
  7. Press side seams open from top to below slit opening for ribbon.
  8. Fold top edge down 1 ½” for casing.
  9. Stitch very close to lower finished edge of casing.
  10. Stitch 1/8” from folded edge, creating a header for the casing.
  11. Cut (2) 1 ½ yd. lengths of 7/8” navy ribbon.
  12. Attach large safety pin to one length of ribbon. Thread through casing, beginning at one slit and ending at the same slit.
  13. Repeat with second ribbon, beginning at opposite side.
  14. Thread ribbon from right slit through right grommet and knot on back of bag.
  15. Repeat with left ribbon.
Finished—one Zootopia knapsack ready for assignment to a bona fide Zootopia PD deputy.