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    Intro Post

  • Brother Sewing Machine
  • Matching Thread
  • Sewing Pins
  • Fleece Fabric
  • Brother ScanNCut SDX85
  • Black HTV
  • Iron/ Heat Press
  • Pressing Cloth or Non-Stick Sheet

As a seamstress, if I find any type of sewing accessories in fun forms such as a measuring tape scarf, I’m immediately purchasing it! Because I love sewing so much, I truly enjoy sharing my love for this hobby with the world whether it be in the form of me sharing tips and tutorials or wearing sewing tools as fashion accessories. LOL!

This project is great for beginners. It’s a great introduction to cutting longer pieces of fabric which can sometimes be difficult for beginners. This project is also a great introduction to sewing straight. You’re basically sewing three sides which makes for a great starter project. Another thing that makes this a great beginner project is that this project gives the sewer hands-on experience with hand sewing, which is what is used to finish the scarf.

If you aren’t into wearing a measuring tape as a scarf, I hope that this project jumpstarts your idea of sewing your own and adding your own designs to it. There are so many design options that you can choose from. Spring is coming, so a floral scarf would be absolutely beautiful. Another idea you can try is to make a Scandinavian style scarf inspired by the Christmas stockings project I shared during the holidays.


  1. Cut your fabric at 63 inch X 7.5 inch.
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  3. Fold your fabric in half the long way (hot dog style). Pin sides in place.
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  5. With your Brother sewing machine sew all three sides at a .5 inch seam allowance leaving a 5 inch opening on the longer side.
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  7. Turn scarf right side out
  8. Hand-stitch closed using an invisible stitch.
  9. Press seams with a hot iron. Be sure to use a pressing cloth to avoid damaging the fleece fabric with the hot iron.
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  11. Let’s switch over to using the Brother ScanNCut. Open the cut file using CanvasWorkspace. In it, you’ll find three rectangles in three lengths; short, medium, long. You’ll also find numbers cut files.
  12. Cut out the files using your Brother ScanNCut.
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  14. Start by laying out 4 short rectangles onto your fleece fabric. Press into place using your heat press or hot iron. Don’t forget the pressing cloth to protect the fleece fabric from damage.
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  16. Next, lay out the medium size rectangle, then 4 small, then one long. Press in place.
  17. Repeat until the length of the scarf is complete.
  18. Then lay out the numbers at the longest rectangle. Press in place.
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