Organizing Appliqué Designs for Stitching

Whenever I start a new design, one of the first steps is to select my fabric and thread for the appliqué design. I frequently use the same fabric in different blocks. To make sure I am using the same embroidery thread, I create a “Fabric and Thread” chart which helps me organize my fabric and thread for appliqué in the hoop designs. First, I lay out the fabric and place my embroidery threads on top of the fabric. Then I select which thread blends or matches best with the fabric. I go to my chart and tape a sample of the fabric and write down the thread color number. I then put the threads for that design in a thread container along with the “Fabric and Thread” chart. Now, whenever I am stitching out a block, I know which threads to use. I have included a “Fabric and Thread” chart PDF for you to download:

The Flamingo Flirtation Quilt is available from Anna’s Awesome Appliqué Designs.