Tip: Trimming Applique In the Hoop Designs

When stitching out an applique design in the hoop, trimming the applique fabric after Tack Down is key to having a nice finished edge around the applique. Here are a few quick and easy tricks to trimming the applique fabric.


  • First, make sure you have a tight hoop, so the hoop does not pop open when you remove the hoop from the embroidery unit to trim the applique fabric.
  • Remove the hoop fully intact from the embroidery to trim the applique fabric and place on a flat surface.
Trim Applique in Hoop Designs
  • Gently pull up on excess fabric, with curve tip scissors, trim the applique fabric using the Tack Down Stitch as a guide. It is ok to nip these stitches, as they will be covered by the cover stitch.
  • Turn hoop as needed to follow the Tack Down stitches to continue trimming the applique fabric.
Trim Applique in Hoop Designs
  • Use scotch tape to pick up loose threads and fabric fuzz after trimming.
Trim Applique in Hoop Designs This is a block from Art Deco Fan Pattern which is available from Anna’s Awesome Applique Designs.