Updated Sweatshirt using Artspira

Girl in embroidery grey sweatshirt

With the Artspira app, you can add a custom design to any embroidery project. Updating once-loved garments is a great way to give them a new life. To begin, get your Artspira app out and start designing. There are hundreds of designs at your fingertips to create a one-of-a-kind embroidery pattern. This project embraces the cooler months with a cozy winter theme to update an old sweatshirt. 

Let’s make it! 


Time: 1 hour


Decide how you want to update your sweatshirt. Think about what the existing sweatshirt needs like a new hemline or sleeve length or maybe it just needs a cool, new Artspira embroidery design. Measure the sweatshirt for the placement and size of your design.

Measuring tape on grey sweatshirt

On your Artspira app, go to the embroidery design section and scroll thru different themes to get your creative juices flowing.

iPad with Artspira app

In this project, a snowflake design from the winter category is being used so it can be worn all season long.

Blue snowflake design
Editing blue snowflake design
Three blue snowflakes on iPad screen

The design process is fun and easy: adding elements, sizing them, and creating your desired size. And with Artspira, you can also personalize it with the many font options.

Choosing fonts in Artspira app

Once you’re done, hit Save, then transfer it to your embroidery machine.

Transferring font choice to XP1 machine
Completed transfer of fonts to machine

For this sweatshirt project, we will crop it later and add the design to the center front. 

Cut up the side seams and hoop the front of the sweatshirt with the appropriate stabilizer.

Sweatshirt side seams on cutting mat
Grey sweatshirt being prepped for embroidery

Start embroidering.

Embroidery machine on grey hooded sweatshirt
Blue flower embroidery on hooded grey sweatshirt
Embroidery machine on grey hooded sweatshirt
Grey cozy sweatshirt with blue flower embroidery

When the design is complete, take it off the embroidery machine and remove the stabilizer.

Finishing touches on grey sweatshirt with blue flowers

Remember, you can always create more embroidery elements on Artspira to add to other parts of the sweatshirt. 

To finish the redesign of the sweatshirt, lay it flat and crop the bottom.

Embroidery sweatshirt with cutting board background

With the sweatshirt right sides facing each other, pin the sides

Grey sweatshirt laid on top of cutting board mat

and sew merging the seam allowance into the existing stitches under the arm hole.

Embroidery machine stitching on grey sweatshirt
Embroidery machine light on grey sweatshirt

Trim the excess seam allowance on the side seams.

Grey sweatshirt getting side cut with scissors

Turn the sweatshirt right side out. 

Decide on the length of your sweatshirt and fold the bottom under to create a hem.

Hem of grey sweatshirt being folded
Grey sweatshirt with blue flowers and cozy text

Sew the bottom using a hemming stitch.

Stitching on grey sweatshirt from embroidery machine

Give the bottom hem a quick press to finish. 

And there you have it, a fashionable update to an old boring sweatshirt.

Grey sweatshirt with blue flower embroidery on woman

With Artspira you can create custom designs to add to any project. Get excited and start exploring Artspira today. 


Woman with grey sweatshirt with blue flower embroidery

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