Quick Tip - How to Expand Your Sewing Space with a Genuine Brother Extension Table for Your Brother Machine

-Brother Sews Blogger

What can the addition of a sewing extension table do for you? Well, it’s rather obvious that these tables greatly expand your sewing space to the left of the needle, as well as adding space to the front and back of the machine. If you’ve ever sewn on a machine that is seated in a cabinet with a flush, flat surface, you know that it’s more comfortable to sew when you’re not fighting to keep the fabric on top of the sewing surface area of the machine. An extension table truly is the next best thing to having your machine inserted in a cabinet. In fact, even if you have a cabinet for your machine, it’s nice to have a table to match-up with your machine when traveling, for retreats, or times when you want to sew in another space, like the dining room table or sun room.

Note: Machines featured in these photos with coordinating tables are the Brother Luminaire and the Brother NS1750D. The Brother Luminaire Wide Extension Table is part number SAWTXP1, measuring 26 ¾-inches wide X 16-inches deep. Brother NS1750D has the table measuring 17-inches wide X 10 ¾-inches deep included in USA packaging. Check with your local Brother dealer for available table options for your machine. You’ll find tables to fit many Brother machine models.

Let’s explore additional advantages of an extension table.

Take a look at Figure #1, showing the standard machine bed for the NS1750D, and then compare it to Figure #2, with the added extension table attached.

Figure #1

Figure #2

Look at all the extra sewing space the table adds to the machine! With an extension table added to your machine you’ll not only experience more comfort and ease of sewing is greatly improved because the table helps to support the fabric as you sew. Your projects will come out better too! Having this support is particularly important with a lot of garment sewing projects as distortion can cause pieces to fit together poorly during construction. You’ll appreciate the extra space to support your fabric when sewing home décor and quilt projects too!

Speaking of sewing, check out the handy measuring guide clearly marked on the front edge of the table. No more reaching for a ruler when you need to make a quick calculation, it’s right there in front of you!

Your table may also include storage for a knee lifter. Knee lifters are an accessory that allow you to raise and lower the presser foot using your knee instead of a lever or button while you’re sewing. I’ve been a huge fan of knee lifters for many years, since my early experience with sewing was primarily on industrial machines. In a factory setting many machines include this feature. It allows you to keep both hands on your work while you position the fabric, maneuver it under the needle, or remove it from the machine. A knee lifter is both a time and energy saver, plus it helps you sew more accurately when your hands are free to guide the fabric. There are other options for raising the presser foot on some machines, but we’ll hold that topic for another day. In my sewing world I always appreciate multiple options and various ways of accomplishing the same task.

Check your manual to see if a knee lifter came with your machine. Then, if you have an extension table see if there is a slot on the underside that allows for storage of that handy dandy knee lifter! See Figure #3 below where I have the knee lifter stored under the Luminaire’s extension table.

Figure #3

Last but not least, I love the way the extension table folds flat for convenient storage. It’s easy to snap the legs out of the way so you can store the table on a shelf or perhaps slip it in into a rolling bag. See folded table for the NS1750D below in Figure #4.

Figure #4

Having an extension table for your machine will expand your sewing space and improve your sewing in many different ways! I encourage you to explore your options and see if there is one available for your Brother machine.