1. Cut two squares fabric at 17” x 17”
  2. With the front side of pillow facing up, place the tassels in all four corners making sure the tassel itself is facing the center of the pillow.
  3. Stitch the tassels in place. Be mindful of the seam allowance when you are sewing the entire pillow together. When your pillow is flipped right side out, you want the tassels to be as close to the pillow as possible. You don’t want them hanging too far away from the pillow. So, with that said, when you are stitching the tassels in place, go over the tassel string multiple times to make sure it stays in place.StitchTassel Stitched
  4. With the right side of the fabric facing down, lay the backside of the pillow on top of the front and tassels.
  5. Stitch all the way around the pillow leaving one side on the bottom center open and unstitched.Bottom Open
  6. On the unstitched side, pin your invisible zipper in the center, leaving the sides free. Stitch your invisible zipper in place. Then stitch the remaining left and right sides making sure that your stitches align with the stitches from your invisible zipper. (Note: When you are stitching your zipper in place, make sure to leave it half way open. This will make it easier to open it later.)
  7. Unzip your pillow. Turn your pillow case right side out. Use a blunt tool to push the corners out.
  8. Slide your pillow insert into the bottom opening you created earlier being careful not to force out any stitches. Push your pillow into all corners of your pillowcase. Fluff it and make sure it fits snug into the pillow case. The bigger pillow allows it to fit snug into the pillow case without any loose fabric. This fit trick allows your pillow to have a more quality look.Stuff Pillow
  9. Zip your pillow closed, and you’re­­­ finished! Make another or make as many as you want. Style your pillows and be sure to share it with us.