How to Create DIY Personalized Wine Glass Slippers

-Brother Sews Blogger

When you're at a party, it can be tough to keep track of your wine glass. You set it down to give your bestie a hug, and then the next thing you know the table is full of look-a-like wine glasses and you don’t know which one is yours!

This is a quick and easy project to dress up your wine glass and personalize one for everyone at your party. It will help keep people from misplacing their drinks, and is a fun DIY addition to your party décor.

Are you ready to add some personalized fun to your next party? Let’s make these personalized wine glass labels.


- Brother sewing and embroidery machine
- Brother ScanNCut DX
- Light weight woven fabric for the top of the slipper
- Felt or flannel for the base of the slipper
- Adhesive Stabilizer
- Scissors
- Straight pins

First, measure the foot of your wine glass.

On your ScanNCut DX, choose the circle pattern and create the same size circle as your wine glass foot.

Give it a ¼ to ½ inch seam allowance which your ScanNCut DX will do for you with a simple preset.

Create multiple circles on the design layout; you will need three circles for each wine glass slipper.

Cut the circles from each one of the fabrics you selected using the ScanNCut DX rotary blade and fabric mat. I’m using a mix of patterned fabrics and plain fabric.

Using adhesive stabilizer in your hoop, place the circles you want personalized on the stabilizer. It is helpful to make a mark where the embroidery should be placed which is just below the center fold of the circle facing out.

Embroider names or sentiments.

Remove the circles from the stabilizer.

Sewing the pieces together is easy. Use 3 circles, lay the felt or flannel circle down as the base, fold the other two circles in half and lay the circle with the name on it face down and the other next to it with the folded edges meeting in the middle of the circle.

Sew around the outside edge.

Clip around the outer curve so it lays flat when you turn it right side out. Being careful not to clip thru the stitches.

Turn the circle right side out and slip it on your wine glass.

Finish a wine glass slipper for everyone at your party plus a few extras and never mix up who’s glass is whose again.

This is such a quick and easy project that everyone will love. These wine glass slippers also make a great companion to a hostess gift.