The Evolution of Efficiency

Brother’s ie3 premium efficiency gear motors cost less to operate and demonstrate clear benefits when running for long periods of time when compared to ie1 standard efficiency gear motors. Brother high efficiency gearmotors feature hypoid gearing technology that can maintain efficiency above 90% throughout the motor’s wide speed range. Compared to commonly used worm gears efficiency of 49% to 90% efficiency – Brother’s ie3 premium efficiency gearmotors can result in massive energy savings. Brother Gearmotors have a wide speed range that does not suffer in efficiency from the motor or gearbox. Brother Gearmotors can be mounted in any direction because they are grease filled.

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Straight from the Heartland.

Brother’s state-of-the-art, 1.5 million square foot manufacturing facility allows us to build exceptional products, provide extraordinary customer service, and meet the growing needs of the market. Centrally located in Bartlett, Tennessee, this facility serves as our dedicated US maintenance and repair hub, and is home to advanced on-site manufacturing technologies...

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