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At Brother Gearmotors, we’re leveraging more than 50 years of gear manufacturing expertise to bring you high quality products and world class support, helping you get the most out of any application. Below, you’ll find an important part of our commitment to our customers. We’ve developed a library of comprehensive and expertly curated resources designed to give you an in depth look at our gearmotors, how to effectively use them, and how others businesses have benefited from switching to Brother.


IMPO Magazine - The Importance of Choosing the Right Gearmotor - October 2016
Taking Aim at Conveyor Systems – Power Transmission Engineering – October 2016
Where Internal Permanent Magnet Gearmotors Make Sense - December 2018
Power Transmission Engineering - October 2019 

CAD Drawings
CAD Drawings are available for numerous products. You can also view the VFD CAD Step File.
Customer Case Studies
Modular Packaging System, Inc. Customer Case Study
Instruction Manuals

VFD Quick Start Guide - Variable Frequency Drive Quick Start Guide

Master Part Number Guide - Brother AC Gearmotors Master Part Number Guide

Brushless DC Detailed Driver Manual

Brushless DC Gearmotor Manual

Brushless DC Gearmotor Quick Start Manual

Download ACD-PSTool

ACD PSTool Instruction Manual for Brushless DC

1/8-3 HP Product Instruction Manual

1/50-1/6 HP Product Instruction Manual

Marketing Collateral
Product Catalogs

Mid Series Gearmotors

Mini Series Gearmotors


Brushless DC Catalog 

Products: Terms and Conditions
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Product Updates
White Papers

White Paper: Hypoid vs Worm Gear

White Paper: Small IPM Gearmotors: Not for Everyone, Ideal for Many

White Paper: 6 Key Elements of Gearmotor Optimization

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