Speed and Power in Perfect Sync

Brother's Premium-Efficiency Gearmotors - Synchronous speed and lightweight design for the most challenging applications.

IPM Gearmotors

Product Specifications

  • Motor Power: 1/8-3 HP
  • Gear Ratio: 5:1 to 1500:1
  • Type: IP-65 and brake options available
  • Drive: 200 - 230V

IPM Gearmotors

Constant Torque

  • Improves efficiency compared to AC induction
  • More torque at lower speeds
  • Zero speed torque hold

IPM Gearmotors

Less Power Consumption than AC Induction

  • Less heat
  • More efficient
  • Less power wasted
  • More power dense

IPM Gearmotors


  • No encoder required = Easier installation
  • No additional wiring needed = Less maintenance

IPM Gearmotors

Synchronous Speed

  • Precise speed control
  • Wide speed range
  • No slip at varying lows
  • Up to 30 starts and stops per minute

Brother Gearmotor Five Year Limited Warranty

Brother Gearmotor delivers the ultimate peace-of-mind by offering an industry leading warranty: a full five years on our entire line of standard products.

GM 5-year warranty shield

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