Free Design: Embroidered Trinket Tray

I just love comfy tee’s, don’t you? And while I’ve sewn hundreds of t-shirts for my kids and myself, I’m still nervous about sewing a V neck t-shirt. All my confidence goes out the window when I think about trying to get that perfect point on the V. I’ve come up with a way to have the appearance I want without all the fuss. I’m excited to share a video tutorial showing you how to make a V neckline. I’m going to give a step out in written form here first and then you can check out the video at the end to see it all in action.



1. Take the front of the shirt pattern and trace a copy. 2. Draw a line straight across the shirt pattern from the bottom of the arm opening. 3. Turn the curved neckline into a straight V at the front. The bottom of the V should touch the line from the side. 4. Cut across the front to separate the top from the bottom. Add seam allowance to both sides of the cut pieces. 5. Cut pattern pieces from fabric. Remember to add seam allowance to top and bottom of shirt front. 6. Sew shoulder seams together with right sides touching. 7. Open up neckline and measure. Cut neck binding 90% of this measurement. I cut mine 1.5” wide. 8. Fold binding in half and stretch and pin to the neckline. 9. Sew the three layers of fabric together. Stretch binding while sewing. You will sew 2 layers of binding and 1 layer of shirt. 10. Press open and top stitch if desired. 11. Overlap the shirt front to create a V. The band should just overlap. Pin or clip. 12. Pin or clip the bottom of the shirt to this edge. Sew and press to have a cute shirt with V neckline. 13. Use all one color for a less obvious cut line or make a fun color blocked shirt.

And here is the video to show all these steps in action!
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