Material Handling

When it comes to keeping things moving, flexibility is at the forefront - and Brother Gearmotors engineers power transmission components for material handling equipment that can handle nearly any material in almost any environment. Offering exceptional performance and unmatched reliability, our family of gearmotors can be found virtually anywhere that demands results, no matter what the situation. And, because we outfit our material handling gearmotors with a high-grade grease that lasts for the lifetime of the product, we’re able to greatly reduce maintenance needs and downtime.

gearmotors with high grade grease standard

Full Product Features

  • Help eliminate costly downtime: All gearmotors for material handling equipment come standard with high-grade grease, which effectively lubricates the gearmotors for life and helps eliminate costly downtime for lubrication changes.
  • Help increase operational efficiencies and reduce maintenance and labor: Brother material handling gearmotors are compact in size and sealed for life.
  • Withstand the harshest environments: Permanently sealed motors with electrostatic application of high-quality paint assures consistently tough, water-tight, chemically-resistant units that withstand harsh conditions.
  • Customize configuration: Brother Gearmotors have multiple standard specifications, options and mounting positions to ensure compatibility.

Cardboard boxes on a conveyor belt in a warehouse

Premium Efficiency ie3

  • Improves overall plant efficiency by reducing energy costs
  • Increases ROI and long-term savings
  • Minimizes material handling equipment maintenance and improves overall operations
  • Increases flexibility due to the wide speed range (stock reduction)
  • Produces less noise and runs cooler with less mechanical stresses
  • Environmentally friendly - RoHS compliant

Brother ie3 premium efficiency motors cost less to operate and demonstrate clear benefits when running for long periods of time (when compared to ie1 standard efficiency gearmotors).

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Material Handling Equipment FAQs

Material handling is the act of moving goods from one location to another, but in reality, material handling is far more complex.

It involves the movement, protection, storage, and control of products and materials. Material handling runs through the entire process of manufacturing, warehousing distribution, and even the use and disposal of products.

Material handling equipment describes a very special type of machinery. It is designed to work specifically with the creation, transportation, and distribution of products.

Material handling equipment helps companies increase efficiency, reduce handling costs, improve safety and health conditions, streamline the work process, and increase overall productivity.

There are countless applications that use material handling equipment. A few of the industries that rely on this equipment include:

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
  • Software
  • Conveyors
  • Data collection
  • Ergonomics
  • Lift truck
  • Industrial robots

When seeking out equipment for material handling, reliability is key. You want equipment and components that have the versatility and toughness to handle virtually any material in practically any environment.

The best material handlers reduce maintenance needs and downtime with a superior and reliable performance that matches the needs of your company.

Various types of material handling equipment can be used in the construction process. Some of the equipment used for construction are:

  • Conveyors
  • Tower cranes
  • Hand trucks
  • Powered trucks
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

There are four major types of material handling equipment:

  • Transport equipment
  • Positioning equipment
  • Storage equipment
  • Unit load formation equipment