Reliable Power for the Cannabis Industry

Brother’s expertise in the gearmotor industry and commitment to innovative design, outstanding service, and superior performance has never been stronger. Brother proudly offers the power of hypoid gearing to the sub-fractional HP market from 1/50th to 3HP in the cannabis industry.

With a state-of-the-art US manufacturing facility, backed by the presence of a global corporation, you'll grow to love the quality and reliability of Brother gearmotors.

Ready to Meet Your Needs

Brother Gearmotor is on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry with the finest line-up of products including:

  • AC Induction Gearmotors
  • Brushless DC Gearmotors
  • Interior Permanent Magnet Motors

grow your profits sidekick

Grow Your Profits

Brother Gearmotors are specially designed for optimized performance in the cannabis industry.

  • Light, reliable and compact in size
  • High torque at a low speed
  • Sealed for life design delivers maximum efficiency with reduced labor costs
  • High quality and durable electrostatic paint to withstand the toughest environments
  • More efficient than worm gearboxes because of hardened hypoid gearing

Energy Efficient Motor Supports Cannabis Dry Trimmer

Brother's partnership with GreenBroz featured in Summer 2019 issue of OEM Magazine.

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In the News

Brother's AC Induction Washdown Gearmotor Powers Cannabis Trimming Machine Showcased at MJBizCon

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