Food Processing

Brother Gearmotors have superior resistance to water ingress, and the harsh chemical environments in food processing plants, making our motors the best choice for heavy use in severe conditions. Brother engineers all gearmotors with efficiency in mind–compact size and sealed for life with cutting-edge sealing capabilities.


IP 65 Washdown

Our IP 65 Washdown Gearmotors have numerous features and benefits to fit your specific needs:

  • Die cast aluminum lightweight housing
  • High-quality, long-lasting electrostatic paint
  • Grease filled gearboxes that are sealed for life
  • Versatile mounting positions
Bread exiting a commercial oven

Full Product Features

  • Help eliminate costly downtime: All gearmotors come with high-grade grease standard, which effectively lubricates the gearmotors for life and helps eliminate costly downtime for lubrication changes.
  • Help reduce risk exposure: All gearmotors are available with H1 Food-Grade grease for units which may come into contact with food.
  • Help increase operational efficiencies and reduce maintenance and labor: Brother Gearmotors are compact in size and are sealed for life.
  • Withstand the harshest environments: Permanently sealed motors with electrostatic application of high-quality paint assures consistently tough, water-tight, chemically-resistant units which withstand harsh conditions.
  • Customize configuration: Brother Gearmotors have multiple standard specifications, options and mounting positions to ensure compatibility.

Find a fit for all your gearmotor needs: Brother offers a wide range of gearmotor products, allowing for one-stop shopping.

Learn more about gearmotor applications for ice maker machines and foods and beverages

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