Need a spooky yet stylish trick or treat bag for Halloween? Well, here's a fun project where you can create your very own candy bag for your little ghosts and goblins! Make one for all your little monsters!

Supplies needed:

Step 1. Cut out your pattern pieces and iron on lightweight fusible interfacing on each.
  • 2 inner layers - 15 ½" long X 13" wide
  • 2 outer layers - 10 ½" long X 13" wide
  • 2 strap pieces - 15 ½" long X 6" wide
Step 2. To assemble the bag straps, fold each piece in half lengthwise and press. Unfold, then fold edges in towards the middle and press. Step 3. Fold strap in half again, press and top stitch approximately ¼” from each edge. Step 4. To put together the body of the bag, place the right sides of your two outer pieces right together. Stitch around the sides and bottom at ½". Step 5. Place the right sides of your two inner pieces together and stitch at ½" around the sides and bottom, leaving a 3" opening in the center of the bottom. Step 6. To make the bag’s base, choose one of the bottom corners of the outer layer. At this corner, push the side seam downward to meet the bottom seam, creating a triangle—making sure that the side and bottom seams are lined up well. Pin this in place and repeat that on the opposite side. Step 7. On one side of the bottom, use a ruler to find where the triangle measures 4” across and draw a line. Repeat on the other side. Stitch along this line and trim the excess triangle off. Repeat on opposite side, then repeat this process to form the inner base of the bag. Step 8. To attach the strap and flap to the outer layer of the bag, flip the outer body right side out. On one side, measure and mark 4¾" from each side seam. Marks will be about 2 ½" apart. Pin one strap with its inside edges against the marks that you just made and baste strap on. Repeat this process to attach strap on opposite side. Step 9. To finish your bag, with the outer part of bag right side out and inner part inside out, insert outer layer into inner. Be sure that straps are down inside. Match up side seams and pin all the way around the top edge. Step 10. Sew all the way around the top edge at ½”. Stitch across the straps, backstitch, then stitch across them again to make sure they stay secure for maximum candy toting! Turn the bag right side out through the opening in the inner part of bag. Step 11. Push the inner layer down inside the outer until the bottoms line up. The inner layer should stick up above the outer about 2 ½" on the outside above the straps. Press the top of the bag all the way around. Step 12. Press each of the four sides to make the corners of the bag. Now, pull the inner back out and pin and sew the opening closed. Step 13. Put on your costume and go get some treats!

Happy Halloween!