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Device Management & Security Solutions

Information security is critical to establishing and maintaining regulatory compliance, that’s why building the right document infrastructure is essential. Brother™ has the hardware, software solutions and cloud services to address corporate mandates and complex government regulations, improving efficiency with both internal and external policies. That’s why we offer innovative solutions to help you simplify and overcome your device or document management issues, helping to make you and your business more efficient.


Brother Device Management & Security


Ideal for: Network Administrators of businesses
Needs: Monitor multiple Brother network print devices from your desktop
Benefits: Standard management tool with your purchase of any Brother devices. Maximize uptime, resolve issues more quickly, and reduce the number of support calls.
Use for:  
•   Monitoring network devices
•   Exporting meter reads
•   Centralizing management of all network devices
•   Running detailed reports of user activity
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Network Security

Ideal for: All businesses
Needs: Secure devices to ensure unwanted access to provide continuity of documents being printed, scanned, copied and distributed
Benefits: Brother™ understands how important security is for everyone today, we make sure our products have the features you need to secure your information!
Use for:  
•   Preserving and securing intellectual property and information
•   Meeting and exceeding many government and industry regulations
•   Maintaining confidentiality
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Secure Print Feature

Optional³ Swipe Card Technology*

Ideal for: All businesses with multiple users sharing all-in-one devices
Needs: A secure, convenient way to release print jobs and or lock down machine functions
Benefits: Extends the use of current cards beyond door access
Use for:  
•   Securing your print devices
•   Managing and controlling device functions
•   Printing security
•   Reducing waste of paper
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“Find-Me Printing” by PaperCut

Ideal for: All businesses with multiple users sharing all-in-one devices
Needs: Reduce amount of print drivers users see, share a print queue and conveniently and securely print at any release station
Benefits: Ability to roam and release the print job from any enabled output device while ensuring print is confidential to the user
Use for:  
•   Releasing print jobs from a secure hold and release queue
•   Authenticating to major environments and directories with support for single sign-on
•   Monitoring and control of photocopying printing and scanning
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Brother Solutions Interface (BSI) - Customization

Brother Solutions Interface (BSI)◆

Ideal for: Businesses of all sizes
Needs: Custom integrations with new or existing applications from output devices
Benefits: Provides fast, flexible and secure integration with your business applications
Use for:  
•   Accessing key document information
•   Managing usage costs
•   Improving workflow within your company
•   Enhancing security
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◆Available on select models. Please contact Brother™ for more information.

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*Provided by channel partners, additional purchase required.
²Functions vary by Model.
³Requires 3rd party software and additional purchase.