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Brother P-touch label makers provide a versatile assortment of organizing solutions. With a selection that ranges from simple standalone machines to a collection of creative and connected step-up models, the P-touch lineup can tackle the demands of any organizing challenge. So, where do you need P-touch label maker? Anywhere you need a label that works!

Person printing on P-touch PT-D410 with visible label tape cartridge on black desk

Next Level Organization:
P-touch PT-D410

Home / Office Advanced Label Maker

The PT-D410 Advanced Label Maker propels users to the next level of organization. Connect it to a PC or Mac® with the included USB cable to harness the power of P-touch Editor Software1 and make advanced edits. Want to create labels right out of the box? Simply add symbols or barcodes using the intuitive, built-in features using and the QWERTY keyboard

Use with Brother P-touch TZe label tapes up to ~3/4" (18mm) wide, available in a variety of finishes and colors. (18mm)

P-touch Core lineup from Brother

Connected, Efficient, & Ready to Work: P-touch PT-D460BT

Business Expert Connected Label Maker

So much more than an ordinary label maker, the PT-D460BT Expert Connected Label Maker has Bluetooth® connectivity that allows multiple users to access the same label maker from their computer or smart device for maximum efficiency. Utilize the PT-D460BT with Brother P-Touch Editor Software1 or the iPrint&Label app1 for added creativity and versatility. The PT-D460BT is pre-loaded with many P-touch features you already love and is Ready to Work

Use with Brother P-touch TZe label tapes up to ~3/4" (18mm) wide, available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Ptouch PT-D610BT label maker on shelf with lotion bottles

The Complete Labeling Solution:
P-touch PT-D610BT

Business Professional Connected Label Maker

The pinnacle of organization! Connect the PT-D610BT Professional Connected Label Maker via Bluetooth® or the included USB cable and create labels using and the Brother P-touch Editor Software1 or iPrint&Label app1 for high-resolution printing for sharper barcodes, crisp logos, and detailed graphics. Organization and creativity combined with the PT-D610BT make for the complete labeling solution that lets you design and print professional-looking custom labels anytime, anywher.

Prints on durable Brother P-touch TZe label tapes up to ~1" (24mm) wide, available in a variety of finishes and colors.

Maximum Tape Width ~3/4" (18mm) ~3/4" (18mm) ~1" (24mm)
Connectivity / Applications USB / P-touch Editor Software USB, Bluetooth ® / P-touch Editor Software, Brother iPrint&Label USB, Bluetooth ® / P-touch Editor Software, Brother iPrint&Label
Display Graphical, monochrome 15 characters x 2 lines Graphical, monochrome, backlight 20 characters x 2 lines Graphical, color, backlight 20 characters x 2 lines
Memory 50 labels 70 labels 99 labels
Print speed 20mm/sec 30mm/sec 30mm/sec
Tape Cutter Manual Manual Auto
Print height 15.8mm 15.8mm 18mm
Print resolution 180dpi 180dpi 180x360dpi
Number of lines 5 5 7
Fonts / Font sizes / Font Styles 15 / 7 / 13 16 / 7 / 15 17 / 8 / 17
Frames / Symbols / Auto Formats 120 / 700 / 30 140 / 800 / 40 160 / 900 /155
Power Source Six AA alkaline batteries (Not included) AC adapter (Included) Six AA alkaline batteries (Not included) AC adapter (Included) Six AA alkaline batteries (Not included) AC adapter (Included)

P-touch Business Value Bundles

The PT-D410VP, PT-D460BTVP, and PT-D610BTVP Business Value Bundles include a carrying case and one additional 4m Black Print on Clear Sample Label Tape ~1/2” (12mm).

With USB connectivity (PT-D410VP, PT-D460BTVP, and PT-D610BTVP) and Bluetooth®/smart device sharing (PT-D460BTVP, and PT-D610BTVP) creating everything from inventory management labels to restaurant menu QR codes is effortless, quick, and efficient. Explore the Business Value Bundles today!

Person using app to print with Ptouch PT-D460BT

Innovation Meets Organization

 Brother iPrint&Label App

The Brother iPrint&Label1 is a FREE app download for printing labels from your compatible iOS® or Android™ mobile device using your Brother P-touch label maker via Bluetooth®. It’s convenient and easy to use and gives you endless labeling possibilities.


Apple App Store Download Icon Google Play Download Icon for Android

Laptop connected to PT-D610BT label maker for printing on desk with plants in background

Connect, Create, Print, & Share

P-touch Editor Icon Brother P-touch Editor Software 

Design and print custom labels using the powerful Brother P-touch Editor Software1 on your PC or Mac® via Bluetooth® or the included USB. Quickly create labels with barcodes, images, graphics, special templates, frames, symbols, and more!

Download for PT-D410
Download for PT-D460BT
Download for PT-D610BT

Person using Ptouch PT220 to create labels with label tape cartridge on desk

Business Solutions that Stick

Brother Genuine P-touch TZe Label Tapes

Engineered for exceptional durability, Brother Genuine P-touch TZe Label Tapes are the ultimate compliment for your P-touch Label Maker. Water-resistant, temperature­ resistant, and fade-resistant, they're easy to print, peel, and stick. Choose from Standard, Specialty, and Premium varieties. Available in an array of colors and finishes for almost any application.

  1. Additional download required. Software app compatibility may vary based on operating system. App availability may vary based on country.
  2. Labels shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual output (such as fonts and margins) may vary.