How to Ensure Your Printer Supplies Are Brother Genuine

We’ve made it easy to authenticate your products with our updated security hologram.

Brother yellow toner

Why Authenticate

Brother Genuine printer supplies are designed as a complete printing system and have been intelligently engineered to work seamlessly with Brother printers. We use a security hologram on our supply packaging for easy authentication. To verify that you have Brother Genuine replacement supplies, simply choose one of the authentication options below.

Security label billboard

Option 1: Authenticate Using a Mobile App

With the i-nigma Reader,[1] you can simply scan the QR code on the package and know immediately if you have a genuine Brother supply.

Option 2: Authenticate With an ID Number

Use the ID number printed on the security hologram to make sure your product is Brother Genuine. Simply locate the 7-digit number on your security hologram and and enter it into our authentication tool.
QR Code

Option 3: Authenticate Via Security Hologram

Brother Genuine supplies feature a unique security hologram. By shifting the package, you should be able to see two design characteristics of the hologram:

  • Dots and numbers
  • Multi-angle text
  1. i-nigma is an application of 3GVision Ltd. and Brother International Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding such applications.