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Sublimation printing accessories FAQs

Yes, sublimation printers do require a special paper called sublimation paper. Unlike regular inkjet or laser printers, sublimation printers use a unique printing process that involves transferring ink from a solid to a gas state.

This requires sublimation paper, which is specially coated to handle the sublimation ink's transition into a gas.

The coating on sublimation paper is designed to absorb and hold the ink temporarily, allowing it to release the ink as a gas later when heat is applied during the printing process.

Using regular printer paper would yield different results, as it lacks the necessary coating to facilitate the sublimation process, resulting in subpar prints.

No, using copy paper instead of sublimation paper is not recommended for sublimation printing.

Sublimation printing is a specialized process that involves transferring ink from a solid to a gas state using heat. Sublimation paper is specially coated to handle this process, allowing it to absorb and temporarily hold the sublimation ink before releasing it as a gas under heat.

Copy paper lacks this specialized coating, so it cannot properly facilitate the sublimation process.

Using copy paper in sublimation printing would result in poor color vibrancy, image quality, and ink wastage. To achieve the best results and vibrant, long-lasting prints, it's essential to use dedicated sublimation paper designed for this specific printing method.

No, you should not print sublimation ink on regular paper.

Sublimation printing is a unique process where ink transitions from a solid to a gas state under heat, allowing it to bond with materials like fabric and coated surfaces.

Regular paper lacks the necessary coating to absorb and hold the sublimation ink during this process, rendering it unsuitable.

Attempting to print sublimation ink on regular paper will result in poor image quality and color vibrancy and risk damaging your printer due to potential ink clogs.

Always use specialized sublimation paper and sublimation ink designed to handle this specific printing technique to achieve the best sublimation printing results.

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