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If quilting more than just a hobby for you, then Brother has the perfect quilting machine to fuel your passion. We offer a diverse range of quilting machines, each designed to meet the unique needs of quilt makers. With the advanced features of our quilting machines, you can effortlessly bring your intricate designs to life.

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Our quilting machines for home use combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, providing various stitch options, automatic needle threading, and quick sewing speeds for a smooth quilting experience.

Innovative features in our quilting machines support free-motion sewing, offering beginners and seasoned quilters alike the freedom to create detailed designs with ease.

Quilting machine FAQs

A good quilting machine should offer quality stitches, adjustable speed, ample throat space, and a large table size.

Other factors include ease of use and additional features such as automatic thread cutter and built-in needle threader.

Brother quilting machines check all these boxes, offering a balanced, enjoyable quilting experience.

The cost of a quilting machine can vary significantly based on its features, capabilities, and the brand.

For instance, the cost can range from an affordable entry-level machine like Brother's XM2701, priced at $129.99, to a more advanced, feature-rich model like the Brother PQ1500SL, which is priced at $739.99.

Brother quilting machines suit quilters at all levels, from beginners to experts. Our machines range from basic models with essential features to high-end ones with advanced capabilities, catering to all quilting needs and budgets.

Starting with quilting involves getting the right machine, learning basic techniques, and understanding the quilting process.

If you're a sewist, you may find the Brother Quilt Club Series a versatile transition from sewing to quilting because these machines offer both sewing and quilting capabilities.

Brother supports this journey with a range of machines and comprehensive resources, including a step-by-step quilting guide.

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