The Cartridge Family in a collage with ink cartridges

The Cartridge Family

Watch The Cartridge Family, presented by Brother, a new web series that follows the team’s antics as they try to add a little color to their workday. Just like how the Cartridge Family works together like a team, partner your printer up with Brother Genuine Ink & Toner, and get great printing results every time.

Meet the Team

CMYK may be primary colors in our inks and toners, but in the Cartridge Family, Celia, Marcus, Yelena and Barbara are the team that will get things done.

Celia in cyan sitting at desk with printout on cabinet

The silent assassin appears to be annoyed by the team when they panic, but she brings them all back with sharp, simple insights.

Marcus wearing a magenta shirt drinking out of coffe mug

The team cheerleader who is slightly aloof and the one who will worry when a deadline is looming but will certainly show up with snacks to pump the team up.

Yelena in yellow sitting at desk in front of computer

The attention seeker who loves a good competition is desperate to brag about her victories daily and works hard to bring home a win for the team.

Brenda in black drawing on whiteboard

The fearless leader of the pack is a straight shooter who keeps the team in line and loves a good rulebook. Barbara can be a bit of a challenge and is affectionately known as Barbaralarbadingdog around the office.

Watch the Full Series

Introducing The Cartridge Family

When results matter, nothing beats a great team. Get a glimpse at our colorful cast of characters in action.

Episode 1: Monday Meeting

Just a regular Monday meeting? Not so fast! When Barbara hits a snag, can the group pull her through? Getting the best results is going to take the best team.

Episode 2: Phishing Scam

Will the real Barbara please stand up? Barbara and Marcus sit down for some “reel talk” on how to spot a scam. It’s clear some deals are too good to be true.

Episode 3: Overtime

They want it all and they want it now. Marcus and Yelena work overtime for a demanding client and recall a mistake they’ll never make again.

Episode 4: Neighbors

Yelena and Celia’s work styles just aren’t clicking, and tensions start to rise. When the two hit their boiling point, they change things up to improve results.

Episode 5: Coffee Run

Celia listens as her coworker friend retraces her steps. Barbara’s lost her mojo and she’s not sure why! Can they figure out the pick-me-up Barbara needs to regain her performance?

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