Woman holding an embroidery hoop with the words "I do" stitched into the fabric

Who shops at sewing centers?

People just Like You.

When Lucy got serious about sewing, she got serious about where she buys her machines and supplies. And it was a game-changer. See her story below.

Sewing centers are much more than an alternative to buying online or at a big box retailer. They’re small businesses owned by your friends and neighbors, and they’re a place where you can try before you buy, get personalized service and support, learn, and even find a community. In short, they’re places for people just like you.

Try before you buy

Hands-on experience is the best way to find the right equipment.

White Glove Service

Get personalized help unboxing and understanding your new machine.

Education, Classes and Events

More than just a store, your local sewing center is a hub for ongoing learning and fun.


Meet like-minded people who share your passion for creativity.

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Whether you’re looking for sales, support, or service, there’s a Brother authorized dealer for you.

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The care, support, and classes offered at Brother Sewing Centers are something you won’t find at a big box retailer.

Who else shops at sewing centers? They do.

Find an authorized Brother Sewing Center near you.

Brother — Sew Much to Love.

If one of the 300+ Brother Authorized Sewing Centers is the right place to shop, then genuine Brother products are the right things to get there. Whether you’re looking for sewing, embroidery, quilting or crafting machines, there’s a genuine Brother-made product for your interests and level of experience. Add an incredible range of embroidery designs, including licensed Disney designs, and access to even more designs on iBroidery.com, and you’ll be ready to go wherever your creative journey takes you.

Visit a Sewing Center Today and ASK ABOUT CURRENT PROMOS AND OFFERS!

  1. Product availability, pricing and service offerings will vary by sewing center.