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The P-touch Embellish Family of Decorative Ribbon & Tape Printers allows you to add a unique, personal touch to your crafts, gifts, projects, and more.

Connectable Decorative Ribbon & Tape Printer

The P-touch Embellish ELITE (PTP715eBT) expands your creative freedom by inspiring your inner artist and enhancing your crafting capabilities with wider ribbon and decorative tape options up to ~1 in. (24mm) wide and easy-to-use free design software for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC.


Ribbon & Tape Printer

P-touch Embellish Ribbon & Tape Printer (PT-D215e) allows you to add your own personal, decorative touch by creating your own satin ribbons, patterned, and washi tapes up to ~1/2 in.(12mm) wide.

P-touch Embellish Satin Ribbons & Decorative Tapes

P-touch Embellish satin ribbons, patterned, and decorative tapes provide you with almost unlimited options for creating custom ribbon and tape accents for all your projects, crafts, gifts, and more.

Elite supplies

P-touch Embellish DIY & Crafting Projects

Explore our selection of projects for inspiration to Embellish the Moments that Matter!

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