Ptouch Pro handheld displayed

Fuse Box Labels

Instead of using a pen or a marker to document the breakers in the circuit box, with the P-touch Pro Personal Label Maker, keeping a circuit box neat, orderly, and legible helps to maintain safety when you need to identify breakers quickly.


Fuse Box Labels Video

Fuse Box with writing on the sides of it displaying what each does

Step 1:

Start by identifying which circuit breakers belong to which electronic devices in the home.

Ptouch Pro handheld displayed

Step 2:

With your Brother P-touch Pro Label Maker, select bold fun font, one that is easily recognizable and legible for your labels.

Brother Ptouch Pro handheld device with hands typing on built in keyboard

Step 3:

Using the qwerty keyboard, type out the name for each panel on your circuit breaker box.

Fuse Box displaying printed labels with Ptouch Pro

Step 4:

Make sure the breaker is clean and free from any debris and then adhere your labels to the panels adjacent to each breaker.


Start your circuit box organization today with the P-touch Pro Label Maker.


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