Take Labeling to the Next Level with P-touch CUBE

The P-touch CUBE Family of Connected Label Makers allows you to easily create and print customized labels from your mobile device or computer. Check out our full line of P-touch CUBE label makers and choose the one that’s right for you.

P-touch Cube XP from Brother

Extreme Label Maker Performance from the P-touch CUBE XP

Create and print laminated labels up to an extraordinary ~1½” (36mm) with the P-touch CUBE XP label maker. Print label tapes in high resolution from your mobile device or computer for crisp, clear images, barcodes, graphics or text.

P-touch Cube plus

Print Labels Your Way with the
P-touch CUBE Plus

Achieve label making versatility with the P-touch CUBE Plus Connected Label Maker. Design and print labels up to ~1” (24mm) wide from your mobile device or computer using a variety of pre-designed home and office templates or unique retail designs.

Brother P-touch Cube

P-touch CUBE On-the-Go Labeling

The P-touch CUBE Connected Label Maker allows you to print label tapes up to ~½” (12mm) wide from your mobile device, so you can label anywhere, anytime. Print pre-designed labels or create your own designs.

Featured Supplies

Software & Applications

P-touch Design&Print2 App

Compatible with the entire family of P-touch CUBE Connected Label Makers, use the P-touch Design&Print2 App to create and print custom labels for all your labeling needs.

Brother iPrint&Label App

Create custom labels, print labels from contact lists, print name badges and photos from your libraries, and so much more with the Brother iPrint&Label App, for use with P-touch CUBE Plus and P-touch CUBE XP.

P-touch Editor Software

Connect your P-touch CUBE Plus or
P-touch CUBE XP to a computer and use the
P-touch Editor Software for maximum label making options. Print custom logos, barcodes and specialty labels or batch print multiple labels at once.

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