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Technology Built For Your Agency’s Changing Needs

Government agencies face unique challenges, especially in terms of the technology they entrust for their day-to-day tasks and processes. They need innovative technology that helps them serve the public, adapt to regulatory changes, uphold an unprecedented level of security, and maintain compliance. They are under pressure to increase productivity and efficiency, often facing budget pressures. Brother is a trusted partner with many government organizations, providing a range of products and services that help them meet these requirements so that they can focus on other critical needs and challenges.


  • Maintain security
  • Improve productivity and efficiency
  • Facilitate document organization and archiving
  • Meet high volume demands
  • Support mobile devices

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Reliability for Today, Flexibility for the Future

Brother delivers reliable products that meet your present high-volume demands, while giving you a flexible foundation to adapt to your future requirements.

Meet the daily challenges of your government office with dependable, high-quality products, tools, and services from Brother. Built for high usage and volume, our output devices, software, applications, and other solutions have robust features that can help your team increase productivity, lower TCO, and be more efficient – at your desk, on the go, or in the cloud.

Many Brother products have built-in networking management tools and are easy to integrate on any network. Plus, we are constantly developing new applications to evolve with your organization and ever-changing government requirements.

Support Mobile Devices

Brother supports mobile government employees with solutions that work with your existing infrastructure.

Whether you need to print and scan from your mobile device or require mobile management of your documents, Brother has products, services, and applications that support mobile staff and BYOD initiatives. Employees can easily access and use secure mobile solutions that will help them stay connected and productive wherever they are.

Maintain Security

Any equipment used by government agencies must ensure the protection of sensitive data. We have information security built into many of our products and services.

Technology allows government workers to do more than ever before, but it also increases the risk of cyber security breaches. Today’s environment demands government organizations use tools to protect highly confidential and sensitive data such as Social Security numbers and credit reports from both internal and external security threats. Brother has products that offer enterprise-level security features such as data encryption, user authorization, password protected printing, Swipe Card Technology, and more. These advanced solutions help organizations comply with security regulations and initiatives, and ensure that data remains safe, private, and out of the wrong hands.

Streamline Communication, Collaboration and Archiving

Digitize paper documents and records and facilitate administrative tasks, workflow and archiving.

Brother offers paper-intensive government agencies products that can help capture documents and convert them into high-quality electronic images and files. Scan reports, forms, legacy documents, human resource paperwork, and more. Digitized documents can be scanned to email, folders or other applications for easy archiving, organization, and retrieval. Documents can be shared between employees, departments and agencies which can improve communication and workflow processes.

Federal Section 508

Section 508 requires electronic information be equally accessible to federal employees with or without disabilities. Brother supports this regulation in several ways.

Brother is dedicated to offering a first class range of products, support and services that combine ease of use and practical features that serve all our users. Accessibility-enhancing features are incorporated in our products and we will continue to ensure that our products meet the standards in Section 508.