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Can I program my machine to send a fax at a scheduled time? (Delay)

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You can program your Brother machine to send a fax at a later time (within 24 hours). The faxes will be sent at the time of day you select. This process is call Delayed Faxing.


1. Place the original document(s) face down in the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder).

2. Press the QUICK-SCAN/REPORTS key to scan the document(s) into your Brother machineÂ’s memory


Leave the document(s) in the ADF to be scanned at the designated time.

3. Press MENU/SET, 3 (Setup Send), 7 (Delayed Fax).

4. Using the dial pad, enter the time you want this fax to be sent in 24-hour format. For example, if you want to send the fax at 7:45 PM, enter 19:45.


If you have already used the Delayed Timer feature to set a time for thefax to be sent, and you want to send at this time, go to STEP 4. See below for more details on the Delayed Timer feature.

5. Press MENU/SET.

6. Press 1 if you want to adjust more settings, and your Brother machinewill return to the “Setup Send” menu.


Press 2 if you have finished choosing your settings, and go to STEP 7.

7. Enter the fax number you want to send to.

8. Press the FAX START key. Your Brother machine will send the fax at the time you designated.

NOTE: The number of pages you can scan into memory depends on the amountof data that is printed on each page.

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