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Description of Problem 100000002346

I just purchased my P-Touch and the unit will not power on. What shouldI do?

Description of Solution 200000002985

Ensure the batteries are installed correctly, which can be verified by looking at the diagram illustrated in the batteries compartment on positioning the "+"POSITIVE end of the batteries. If the batteries wereinstalled correctly the batteries maybe weak and require replacement. Please replace ALL six "AA" batteries, NOT just two or three batteries.

1. Hold the machine with the Back Cover towards you making sure that theTape Cutter (Purple) Button is in the Upper Right Hand Corner.

2. Remove the Back Cover by pressing down on the rough area at the top end of the machine and pull the back cover towards you until it comes off.

3. If a Tape Cassette is already installed, remove it by pulling it straight out.

4. Remove batteries, if they are already installed by lifting up on the negative ( - ) side of the battery.

5. Insert three new alkaline AA batteries into the lower layer of the batteries compartment; making sure that the positive ( + ) side is facing down

6. Insert three new alkaline AA batteries into the upper layer of the batteries compartment so that they rest on top of the existing batteries; making sure that the positive ( + ) side is facing up

7. Install a Tape Cassette.

8. Attach the back cover by inserting the two hooks on the bottom end ofthe back cover into the slots on the bottom end of the machine, then pushing down firmly on the cover until it snaps into place.

9. Turn the machine on.

If the problem persists, your machine may require service.

If your machine is within Warranty, please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-877-478-6824 so that we may make arrangement to swap your product according the product warranty.

If your machine is out of warranty, you may take your machine to a localBrother Authorized Service Center. To locate a local Brother AuthorizedService Center visit our website ( You canalso locate a local Brother Authorized Service Center by calling our automated phone system at 1-800-284-4357. This system can provide you with either a verbal listing or a printed listing via facsimile.

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