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Why does the tape keep jamming?

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The following are the most common causes for tape to fail to exit from this machine.


  1. The most common reason for tape jamming is that the cutter is being engaged during the printing process, thus blocking the path of the tape resulting in a tape jam. Please do not touch the tape cutter button until the tape has stopped feeding after printing the entire label.
  2. Take care to keep the exit slot clear when printing.  If the tape strikes any obstruction as the tape begins to exit, it will jam.  Be careful of finger placement while printing with this labeler.
  3. Remove the back cover and the cassette tape from the machine.  Ensure that the end of the tape feeds under the tape guide (two small posts facing each other) on the cassette.  If the tape is out of the tape guide, it will cause the tape to feed out in the wrong direction; you can reinsert the tape under the tape guide.
  4. In some isolated cases the tape cassette is bound and cannot advance tape.  If the tape cannot be advanced, replace the tape cassette with a new one. 
  5. Check the area by the black roller and the tape exit area; remove any pieces of label or foreign object that may have stuck inside the machine.
  6. Reinstall the cassette tape and the back cover. Ensure the cutter lever is not jammed. Press down on the cutter lever and then release the lever.  The cutter lever should move about 3/8 of an inch. When the lever is released, it should spring back up to the initial position. 
    1. If the cutter lever jams, try removing the Cutter unit and reinstalling it back into the machine.  The Cutter unit should go straight down into the machine, do not twist the cutter when pushing it into the machine. 


NOTE: Use caution when working with the cutter, the blade is very sharp.


  1. In addition the cassette tape may be exhausted; there is a small window below the label which indicates if tape is present.  If the window is empty, no more tape remains in the cassette.
    1. Normally a striped backing material is fed from the cassette indicating that the tape is nearly exhausted. This backing material will stop feeding shortly after appearing.
    2. When stripes appear, the cassette should be disposed of and another cartridge used with the machine.


If the problem persists after taking the above listed action, your machine may require service.


If your machine is within warranty, please contact our Customer Support Center at 1-877-276-8437 so that we may arrange to exchange your product in accordance with the product warranty.


If your machine is out of warranty, you may take your machine to a local Brother Authorized Service Center. To locate a local Brother Authorized Service Center, visit our website (  

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