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Description of Problem 100000003690

The label peels off the applied surface. The color of the label has changed or faded. How to store the DK roll.

Description of Solution 200000004454

Use only genuine Brother DK labels or DK tape.

If the label is attached to a wet, dirty or oily surface it may peel offeasily. Before applying the label clean the surface to which the label will be applied.

DK rolls use thermal paper and thermal film therefore ultraviolet rays, wind, and rain can cause the color of the label to fade and the ends of the label to peel off.

Scratching the printed surface of the label with your finger nails or metal objects or touching the printed surface with damp hands can cause the color to change or fade.

Do not expose the DK rolls to direct sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity or dust. Store in a cool dark place. Use the DK roll soon afteropening the package.

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