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How do I clear black vertical lines when sending a fax or copying?

Description of Solution 200000009275

Vertical black lines on copies and sent faxes are typically caused by dirt or correction fluid on the machine's scanner unit.


Follow these steps to resolve this issue:


1. Unplug the telephone line from the Brother machine.


2. Unplug the Brother machine's power cord.


3. Open the Brother machine's control panel by lifting it toward the front.


4. Locate the white bar and scanner glass inside the front of the machine.


- The scanner glass is a thin strip of clear glass.


- The white bar is positioned directly above the scanner glass.


5. Dampen a lint-free cloth with isopropyl alcohol.


6. Completely wipe down the white bar and scanner glass.


- Run your finger over the white bar and scanner glass.  If you feel any dirt or debris on the bar or scanner glass, concentrate on those areas when cleaning.


7. Push the levers to lock them back into place.


8. Close the control panel.


9. Plug the power cord back in.


10. Plug the telephone cord back in. 


11. When the LCD displays the date and time, place a blank sheet of white paper face down in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).


12. Press the COPY key.


13. Press the COPY key again.


14. Do one of the following:


- If the printed page is blank, the issue is resolved.


- If the black vertical lines appear on the copied pages, repeat STEPS 1 through 13.


You may need to repeat these steps three or four times to clean all of the dirt or debris off of the white bar and clear scanner glass.

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