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How do I print in monochrome mode (black and white) using only black toner from Windows or Macintosh?

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For Windows Users


For Macintosh Users






1.    Open the Printer folder.


NOTE: For instructions refer to: "How do I open the Printers folder in Windows?"


2.    Right-click on the Brother printer and left-click on Printing Preferences.


3.    From the Color/Mono dropdown choose Mono.


4.    Click Apply => OK.  All subsequent print jobs print in monochrome using only the Black toner.




Macintosh Users:


1.    Open a document to print.


2.    Click File => Print.


3.    If the Printer and Presets fields are the only visible options you will need to expand the window.  Depending on your operating system, use one of the following steps:


-       Click the Show Details button at the bottom of the window.


-       Click the Blue Down Arrow to the right of the printer name.




4.    Click on the Application dropdown menu and select Print Settings.


5.    Next to Color/Mono select Mono.


6.    After making the desired changes, if you want to save the current settings you may save them as a preset to use with future print jobs.  Refer to: "How do I save the printer driver settings as a preset in Macintosh OS X?


7.    Click Print.  Your document will print in monochrome using only the Black toner.



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