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Description of Problem 100000015063

The Status LED lamp on the machine is flashing in RED. What should I do?

Description of Solution 200000019437

1. Press the On/Off key once; see if the LED lamp turns to GREEN. If yes, the size of the DK roll installed in the machine does not match thelabel size selected in the P-touch Editor. Change the DK roll in the machine or change the label size selected in the P-touch Editor.

2. Turn off the machine (hold the On/Off button until the LED lamp goes off).

3. Disconnect the communication cable (network or USB) from the QL machine (not the power cord).

4. Turn on the machine. If the Status LED lamp continues to flash in RED, then the machine needs to be service.

5. Press the Feed button. If the LED lamp starts to flash in RED after pressing the Feed button, then DK roll may not have installed into the machine correctly, try reinstalling it again.

a. Turn off the machine (hold the On/Off button until the LED lamp goes off).

c. Lift up the top cover and remove the DK roll from machine.

d. Re-install the DK roll back into the machine. Ensure the leading end of the roll is at the top of the roll pointing toward the front of the machine and the tape of labels is NOT under the foot of the right spool.The foot has to make direct contact with the five switches located on the right side of the DK Roll compartment.

f. Thread the end of the roll into the slot until you can see the edge of the roll from the front of the machine.

g. Close the top cover.

h. Turn on the machine and the LED should light up in GREEN.

i. Press the Feed button once; the LED should remain lit in GREEN. If not, try reinstalling the DK roll again.

6. Reconnect the cable (network or USB) to the machine and try printing out a label.

7. If the LED lamp flashing in RED, try another cable and connecting it another network outlet for network setup, for USB try another cable and connecting it to another USB port of the PC.

8. Try un-installing and reinstalling the driver.

If the problem persists, your machine may require service.

The machine has a two year limited exchange warranty. If the machine is in warranty, call Brother Customer Service at 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) for warranty options.

If the machine is out of warranty, contact a Brother Authorized Service Center for repair by clicking on the link below:

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