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How do I download and install the full driver and software package for Windows 7 using a USB connection?

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For instructions on how to download the software, refer to the solution: "How do I download the Full Driver and Software Package?"





1. Unplug or turn off the power to the Brother machine.  Make sure the interface cable is not connected to the Brother machine.


2. Before installing the MFL-Pro Suite, close any applications on the computer and disable any personal firewall software, other than the Windows Firewall, that may be running.


3.  Locate the folder you created earlier labeled BrotherXXX-XXXX and double click on it.


4.  Double click on the folder that was created when you downloaded and decompressed


5. Double click on your model.


6. Double click on "Setup.exe"


7.  Choose your Country/Language and click OK.


WARNING:  US English speakers should select USA, not ENG.


8.  On the License Agreement page, click YES if you agree to the terms.


9. Choose "Standard" or "Local Connection" depending on your model, and then click NEXT. The installation continues. 


10. When prompted to connect the machine, connect the interface cable between the Brother machine and your computer.


NOTE:  Ensure you connect the cable to the correct port on your Brother machine.  We recommend a USB type A/B cable that is no longer than 6 feet, directly connected between the Brother machine and the computer.


11. Turn on the Brother machine.  The installation should automatically continue.


12. When the On-Line Registration screen is displayed, click NEXT.


13. Choose "Yes, I Want To Restart My Computer Now" and click FINISH to restart your computer.  You will need to log back in with Administrator rights.


After restarting the computer, the Installation will be complete.

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